Upcoming WhatsApp App For Desktop Will Function Without Using Your Phone Rumor Says
Upcoming WhatsApp App For Desktop Will Function Without Using Your Phone Rumor Says

WhatsApp for Android finally launched with fingerprints. Several months ago WhatsApp for iOS was updated to implement the lock via Touch ID, the fingerprint reader of iPhone or Face ID, the facial unlocking that was released starting from iPhone X. On WhatsApp, so far, this feature was available only in the beta, but yesterday the company made official its arrival on Android.

WhatsApp has just released the unlocking of fingerprints on Android. It is now possible to lock Whatsapp with the fingerprint after a specified period of time. The block also does not allow notifications to be read by prying eyes. Incoming calls are not blocked.

This is what the company has announced through its official blog, where it announces that “we present an authentication method that will allow you to unlock Whatsapp with a fingerprint on compatible Android phones”, that is, on all those with a reader of footprints, which are the majority. The update has already been released and it is a matter of time before it reaches all the devices, so don’t worry if you still can’t see it.

How to block WhatsApp with a fingerprint on Android

These are the steps to follow to lock WhatsApp with a fingerprint. The procedure is very similar to iOS. To block WhatsApp with your fingerprint, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • Open WhatsApp and go to the settings.
  • Select “Account”.
  • Access “Privacy”.
  • Click on “Lock with fingerprints”.
  • Check the box “Unblock with fingerprint” and confirm the fingerprint.

The application will ask you if you want the block to be executed immediately, or you will have to enter the fingerprint every time you close and open the application, or give it a time margin of one minute or 30 minutes. Similarly, you can configure WhatsApp to show the content of messages or not in notifications.

You can choose if you want the lock to be immediate or after a few minutes

At the moment nothing is known about the facial release, but at least we already have the possibility of using the fingerprint. As we said, the update has already been distributed, so check the Google Play Store to see if you have a pending update or, if you prefer, access the app’s tab directly from the link below. You can also try downloading the latest APK from the Web.

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