How to lock your PC: turn USB stick into padlock


If it happens to have to leave the desk in the office leaving the PC unattended and prey to possible spies. To avoid this we can turn a USB stick into a padlock that locks and unlocks the computer by removing and reinserting it.

The free program that allows you to lock your PC with a USB stick is called USB Raptor. Let's see how it works.

The first step to take to lock the PC with a USB key is to download USB Raptor. Once the program has started we should set the password needed to unlock the PC in the unfortunate event that we lose the USB key.

We select the USB key (connected to the PC) and click on Create K3y file.
If we want USB Raptor to start automatically with Windows we go to Advanced configuration

: we will find the option we need in General settings.

All that remains is to activate the protection by checking the Enable USB Raptor

 box or by right-clicking on the icon shown in the Windows notification bar and selecting Enable.
The USB Raptor in Armed confirmation message will appear in the lower right corner of the Desktop.

When we leave the PC, all we have to do is remove the USB key to block it and prevent access by unauthorized persons.

To lock the PC with a USB key download the program here: USB Raptor

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