How To Logout Of Multimedia Messaging App, Snapchat

In these present age of connection, our precious information is continuously being transferred around and used by other companies.

Some do not bother their heads about that, but there are those that still give a damn about it.

Snapchat, one of the most respected social media apps is one platform that excels off of user data.

As you may know, Snapchat aids users to send photos, videos, and texts that are nowhere to be found after a stipulated period of time. Apart from the replay option, users only get to see received Snapchat messages once.

This disappearing aspect is part of the entertainment that comes with the app. Some users will send any number of illegal or legit activities to their pals, only for there to be no evidence of the content soon after.

Due to the high amount of users, which is more than 100 million users monthly as I type this, Snapchat focuses on ensuring their data is well protected. But even at that, no security is perfect. And it is not possible to put complete faith in these centralized apps with our information.

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Knowing these problems, those with Snapchat accounts prefer to log out when it's not in use. That could be the reason or maybe you just want nothing to do with the app for now or you want your account uninstalled before you sell your phone.

Whatever the case is, with this post, we'll show you several ways to log out of Snapchat on your Android and iOS devices:

Log Out Of Snapchat On Android And iOS

Begin by unlocking your phone, then head to the Snapchat icon - the yellow one with a white ghost on it. Ensure no one is watching you secretly and then access profile settings.

After that, head to the settings icon, scroll down to tap on the Light Out button. You'll be asked to confirm, go ahead and the process would be completed. After this, you'll be back at the login/register page.

Log Out Of Snapchat On The Snapchat Account Management Website

This process is not like logging out of the app on your mobile phone. The account management website is an online platform for users to access and alter the settings on their Snapchat account while they are not in the app, but outside of it. Please remember that as soon as you log out here, you are logged out of the application for life.

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To begin, head to the Snapchat account management website. You'll then be presented with various ways to manage your Snapchat account. Ways like gaining access to your Snapcode or purchasing the several filters available. Change of password is also possible there.

Click on the triple bars on the right side of the page and tap Log Out to be out of the app. Or if your mind is made up to be off it for good, click on Delete My Account and let the steps that show up lead you to total exit from Snapchat.


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