How to make calls to a contact in the address book with Apple Watch

Apple Watch is Apple’s wristwatch full of features and with a unique design. In this new guide, we explain how to call someone in the phone book with the wearable device.

Making calls to a contact in the address book with Apple Watch is very simple, a procedure suitable for everyone. The first step is to find the phone app icon, a white phone with a green background, and click on it. Touch on Contacts that stays near the bottom of the Apple watch display. This section will open a list of contacts on your iPhone.

If the contact you want to find is in the Favorites section of the iPhone, your favorite taps on the screen. If you want to recall a recent number, just tap Recents and then tap the number you want to call to start the call.

At this point scroll down until you find the contact you want to call, then touch his name. If you are in the favorite screen, tapping the name of an Apple Watch contact will immediately initiate the call.

Tapping the Call button icon in the shape of a gray and white telephone receiver located under the contact name. Acting in this way, Apple Watch will start the call. There is the possibility to speak directly from the microphone of the wristwatch of the Californian company. The microphone is on the left side of the housing, so all you have to do is lift your wrist about 20 cm from your face when you speak.

When the phone call is finished hang up, click on the hang-up button, a white handset placed on a red circle. This will permanently close the call and return to the main Phone application screen. By doing this you have just finished calling a contact with Apple Watch.

Making calls to a contact in the address book with Apple Watch is very easy. Logically, not everyone is familiar with technology and may encounter problems. For this, use the comments box in case of difficulty.

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