How To Make Chrome Browser Read Anything Out Loud On The Web

Did you know that you can make your chrome browser read anything out loud on Web? I bet you didn’t. Well, you can now, if you follow this tutorial carefully.

Reading is good and with the world going digital, books are not left out of this advancement. You can now get books to read online: Download a copy from the website and read at a later time or read it right there on the website as opposed to the hard copies we were used to reading. Apart from books, there are also short stories, articles, poems and other works of literature to be read on the internet.

While reading all that on the internet might sound interesting, staring at your phone screen for long while reading a story, article or some other stuff on the web might be detrimental to the eyes. This is why we have night modes on most browsers to help with that which the chrome browser obviously does not have yet.

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But what other alternative do we have? Well, you can listen to those stories instead of reading them. This way, you can just plug-in your headset/Earpiece, relax, Close your eyes and enjoy your story. The advantages of this far outweigh the disadvantages if there are any.

Unfortunately, this can only be achieved on the chrome browser for PC. However, I think there is something similar on the Android called “Text To Speech” but that will be a topic for another day. So Now let’s right down to how to make your Chrome Browser read anything out loud for your listening pleasure.

How To Make Your Chrome Browser Read Anything Out Loud On Web

  • Open Your Google Chrome Browser then Visit the Chrome Web Store and Search for “Selection Reader (Text to speech)”.
  • Alternatively, you can just Click on The Selection Reader (Text to Speech) to take you straight to the Plug-in on the Chrome Web Store.

  • Install The Plug-In by clicking on the Install button on the right side.

  • You should see a Speaker Icon appear on the top right-hand side of the Chrome Browser.

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If the Icon doesn’t appear at the top right-hand side then input “Chrome://Extensions/” in your address bar and press enter. This will show all the extension on your browser, scroll to the “Selection Reader (Text to speech)” and Enable It.

That’s it. Now all you have to do is to get an article, story or any other content you would like the chrome browser to read out loud and Select Text(Select the whole thing) and Click on the Speaker Icon and the Chrome Browser will start reading it out.

The default voice is Female English (US/UK). This can be changed by Right Clicking on the Speaker Icon and Select Option. You should see a pop-up menu and from there you can play around with the settings.


Being able to make your chrome browser read anything should be known by everyone who spends a lot of time reading articles and other stuff on the web. This will help reduce the eye strain as chrome doesn’t have a night mode like other web browsers. So make sure share this article with those your friends.

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