How To Make Feb 14 Better With Valentine’s Day Apps

Valentine’s Day is the best day to do something really special for your partner. It might be an unexpected trip, flowers, or a cool dinner reservation, but if you are searching for a little inspiration to aid you to dazzle your better half, you need to check out our How To Make Feb 14 Better With Valentine’s Day Apps:

1. 1-800-Flowers

Buy flowers for that loved one is kind of what we expect on February 14 when it comes to our celebration of love. 1-800-flowers comes in handy for all things sending of flowers, or gifts in general on this special day. If you aim to show him or her love through fruits, chocolates, flowers, biscuits, e.t.c this app should be the one for you. To cap all this amazing app can do up, it worked in 195 countries all over the world.

2. Airbnb

If your aim is that last-minute getaway then this is the app for you. Booking a home can be done from wherever you are in the universe. Checking out categories can be done via searching by price, neighbourhood e.t.c You find out about mesmerizing and fresh places with this app. Trust Airbnb to always come through with information about the places to visit. In addition, you get to experience a VR tour of some Airbnb homes before deciding on whether you plan to make a reservation or not.

3. OpenTable

This is that app you can bank on not on Feb 14 but everyday in a year. Nothing drives her crazy than a cool romantic dinner at a unique restaurant. Search restaurants and booking reservations is the way to go. Some restaurants go as far as showering you with juicy offers you’ll find it hard to say No too. Also, a feature on this app that draws attention is the “Dining Rewards Program.” This is like a frequent-flyer program, but for eating outside your home. Points are also earned for using the app to make reservations, points that can be exchanged for an Amazon Gift Card and Dining Rewards Gift .

4. Munchery

This is the go-to app if you prefer to not leave your house to have a nice time with your partner. It caters for those that love to stay indoors for that romantic dinner. Munchery brings a selection of amazing meals, cooked fresh and delivered them to your door. It is so cool that same-day delivery is very possible in some areas. If you wish to spice the evening up, Munchery has you covered with their partnership with Google Music to work on playlists to go with your meals.

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5. Giftgram

This is all about the gifts. They’ve got those presents in abundance, all you need to do is ask. If you’re in search of that perfect gift on Valentine’s Day to show him or her some unforgettable love, Giftgram has you covered. All you have to do is decide on the item you want, type in your loved one’s email address, and Giftgram will take it up from there. Because delivery might take 5 days to get to you, you might want to do this early enough to avoid disappointments.

6. Felt

They’re all about the cards. But not just any regular card. You, the one who is planning to dazzle his or partner, can create a personalized card using your own photos and handwriting. Once you are done with this, enter the relevant address information in the app, and your card will be sent through a First Class mail. I felt that one.

7. iKamasutra

If you love a private Valentine’s Day celebration, if you love it sexy or sensual, iKamaSutra is the app for you. With several sexual positions in different categories, all nicely pictures and explained, iKamasutra can lecture you on a of new tricks. The app also allows you monitor your progress through the positions and make a favorites list. Each position gets points by intimacy, complexity, and strength to help you find the best choice for you and your partner.

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8. Postmates

Sometimes we just forget about Valentine’s Day or just can’t squeeze out time to visit the store. Not to worry, Postmates is here for you. It is the key for your shopping from stores and restaurants in your neighborhood. If what you seek is not catered for on the app, Postmates Anywhere allows you to order from just about any store in your city. Its delivery of 60 minutes is also a decent enough response time for customers.

9. Valentine’s day Love Keyboard Theme

This app will transform your iphone, giving it a most modern and cool look. It contains more than 3000 free keyboard themes, also has feature of 3D themes plus DIY themes features with fonts, wallpapers and also key tones. Auto correct, cloud based prediction are within your reach as well. And if you fancy that special 3D effect while you type and swipe typing or voice typing, you are covered with this app. To round this amazing experience up, this app is available in about 85 languages which cover about 138 countries.

10. Love Songs & Valentine RADIO

is all about the music. It is a free app that makes your Valentine’s Day very much special especially when it streams music using your stereo on top of dining table with candle light dinner. It also contains radio stations constantly soothing your ears with love genres like love songs, lounge, easy listening and many more. iPhone users will love this app.

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