Samsung devices are now as popular as Apple’s iPhones. The 2 companies have maintained their flagship models over the years, but they also put a lot of cash into their smaller, cheaper versions. They are known as the “budget” option since they are not as expensive as the latest Galaxy S10 but still possess a lot of features that make Samsung stand out as a brand.

The A50 model is definitely under this category and it is widely seen as the best flagship alternative around right now. As you already know, one important feature of Samsung Android devices is that they are very customizable, and the A50 model is no exception.

The amazing thing about the personalization options on Android devices is that it is possible to edit the UI. Meaning, the size of the font and icons can be changed on your Home screen. This tutorial will let you know all you have to do to make it happen. See How To Make Icons Smaller On Samsung Galaxy A50:

How Can I Make Icons Smaller On My Samsung Galaxy A50?

  • Before anything else, go into your Settings menu.
  • When you get there, head to the Display settings submenu.
  • Within the Display settings, find “Home screen,” click on it.
  • Search for these options:

Make Icons Smaller On Samsung Galaxy A50

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  • To make the icons smaller, you need to switch from 4×5 to a 5×5 or a 5×6 layout. It is alright to experiment with the Home and Apps screen grids.
  • Save and exit to your home screen when you are certain about the option to go for. The changes will happen almost immediately.

An Alternative To Making The Icons Smaller On Your Samsung Galaxy A50?

There is a different way to go about it if the size of the application icons is not the only issue you have. If you want to reduce or increase the entire UI of your device, maybe because of vision problems, that can be done too.

How To Change The Display Size Entirely On Your Samsung Galaxy A50?

  • Like above, go into your settings menu, and then click on the Display submenu.
  • When you are there, find “Font size and style” and click that.
  • A slider like this one below will be visible.

Make Icons Smaller On Samsung Galaxy A50

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  • Move the slider with your finger and make adjustments to the size of the font. Be aware that the change will instantly happen.
  • You can even edit the font style you use or download fresh ones from Samsung’s store.

That is that.

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