How to Make iPhone X Display Battery Percentage

How to Make iPhone X Display Battery Percentage

Latest flagship devices like the iPhone X come with the latest and best tech around, as a result, they are faster and more efficient than older devices.

Phones like the iPhone X come with the best tech around along with new and improved features and as a result, these devices need a lot of power from the battery so you can enjoy these multiple features on your smartphone. Most times when we use our devices, we rely solely on the bar to know how much battery power is left on our device. This isn’t a really accurate way to know how much we have left. This makes the ability to alter and display the battery percentage a useful feature.

It is common for most smartphone users to use their device the whole day. Sometimes, we do not really keep track of the amount of power we have left. Sometimes, we may forget to charge our device overnight or leave our power bank at home when we go out of the house. In such cases, we need to know the accurate amount of battery power left on our device so we can plan on how to save power till our phone gets the next charge.

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The easiest way you can possibly do this is to enable the “Battery Life Percentage” mode in the Settings app on our device. This feature is a lifesaver and it can easily be activated.

How to Make iPhone X Display Battery Percentage

To make your iPhone X display the battery percentage, follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your device.
  2. Next up, tap on the Battery option.
  3. Enable Battery Percentage.

That is all! Now, you can easily check the battery percentage left on your device by checking the status bar where it will be displayed.

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