How to make mosaic photos on Instagram on Android and iOS

If you are subscribed to Instagram, you will surely have seen that some users upload "clips" of the same photo one after the other. This effect is called mosaic and can be seen well by going to the profile of those who publish photographs in this style. As already mentioned, these photos consist of several blocks (see the cover image of our article), and then more posts that make up a very large image.

Let's get to the point: you're certainly wondering how to make mosaic photos on Instagram; Well, now the technology does everything in our place so even to make this type of images, it is easy to guess that there are many applications for both iOS and Android. In fact, just search for the right words on the respective Stores to see the countless solutions proposed.

How to publish mosaic photos on Instagram

For all Android devices, so also for Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi smartphones, the best application to make mosaic photos on Instagram is called  Grills for Instagram. Besides having a clear user interface, it's free and using it is very simple:

  1. Once the app is installed open it;
  2. Click the center button that shows an image with the mountains;
  3. Select the photo from the gallery or click one at the moment;
  4. Choose the number of boxes in which you want to divide the image;
  5. Click "Crop" at the top right;
  6. Share or save the mosaic photo:
    • Press "Instagram" once to share the first frame;
    • Press "Instagram" several times to share more panels;
    • Press "Save All" to save the mosaic photo.

Just like on Android, even for iOS-powered devices there is a good application to create mosaic photos on Instagram. In this case, the app is called Grids and is free to download via this link on both iPhone and iPad. As for the use, there is nothing to report, the operation is, in fact, the same as Grills for Instagram.

The best shots for this kind of effect are those related to nature, so a breathtaking sunset over the sea, a vast prairie, an expanse of flowers and so on. The more egocentric may prefer to have a picture of themselves in plain sight on the bulletin board, but it is said that the world is beautiful because it is varied, so give vent to your creativity! Sbizzarrite your imagination, download the application and make mosaic-style photos to be included in your Instagram profile, the effect will certainly be fantastic!

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