Hard Reset Motorola Moto G6 Copy
Hard Reset Motorola Moto G6 Copy

How many times did you get nervous against your smartphone because the battery is easily discharged, the system is slow or no longer responds optimally? So many, maybe too many, that’s why we want to talk about how to make the Motorola Moto G6 Hard Reset. This is a recovery procedure that allows you to solve all problems, even and especially those related to performance, related to the operation of the smartphone. With the passage of time, in fact, even the newest devices lose their initial polish due to the intensive use and to the traces that the various apps (even those uninstalled) leave in the internal memory and which affect the efficiency of the smartphone.

Format the smartphone

Hard Reset Motorola Moto G6, G6 Plus, and G6 Play

Making the Motorola Moto G6 Hard Reset means completely formatting the smartphone’s internal memory and returning it to factory conditions as if it were new. This permanently deletes all data saved in the internal memory, applications, settings and multimedia contents. For safety, before proceeding with the Motorola Moto G6 Hard Reset, it is recommended to 

make a backup copy of the device in order to keep important data that can be restored after completing the formatting.

The hard reset process is completely automatic and it is sufficient to start it, as we will see, either through physical keys or through the settings menu. The two procedures lead to the same result but start in different ways to allow all needs to be met. In fact, it may happen that the smartphone software does not allow navigation in the menus (and then you use the procedure through physical keys) or that you want to restore the phone to sell it and then you can intervene via the settings menu.

Format Motorola Moto G6

Both procedures that we will now see are valid both for the Moto G6, for the G6 Plus and the G6 Play. To complete the format it takes a few minutes, but it is necessary that the battery has a charge of more than 50% or, alternatively, keep the device connected to the power outlet.

Hard reset procedures

The First method – Use of physical keys

  • The smartphone must be turned off;
  • Press and hold down the On button and the Volume Up button for a few seconds;
  • When the green Android robot appears on the display, release the keys;
  • Using the volume keys navigate inside the recovery, select the recovery mode item and confirm by pressing the power button once;
  • When the danger message appears with the green robot, it ignores the message;
  • Press and hold the power button and press the Volume Up key;
  • Select the item wipe data/factory reset, then confirm;
  • Select the user data only entry, then confirm;
  • The formatting procedure starts and continues automatically;
  • When the reboot system now option is complete, press on it;
  • The hard reset is finished.

The second method – Use Settings menu

  • The smartphone must be switched on;
  • Locate and select the Settings icon ;
  • Select the Users and Accounts item ;
  • Press on Google ;
  • Select the Remove account option ;
  • Confirm by pressing on Remove account ;
  • Go now to System, then to Reset, then to Factory data reset, and finally to Reset phone ;
  • The reset will start automatically and at the end of the procedure, the smartphone will reboot before it can be used again.

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