Have you ever been in a situation where you planned to break up with him or her and you just hoped that he or she will not pick up the phone when you call? Or did you try to holla at a friend you owe and just prayed in your mind that he doesn’t receive your phone call?

You just wished for that call to go to voicemail so you can deliver the message there instead, be done with it and move on with other activities.

We hope they are occupied, receiving another call, having supper, taking their bath e.t.c, as long as they do not hit the green button, so we can deliver the message in a manner we consider safe. Unfortunately, severally, we are met with disappointments as they often pick up and we face the challenge of just speaking up and damning the consequences.

It does not really have to pan out like this: It is possible to call directly to voicemail, ensuring the probability of the owner picking up is non-existent. This article sheds more light on how this can be done. One thing to note though, it only functions when you are calling a cellphone. Not landline.

iPhone Applications To Call Straight To Voicemail

The most straightforward and easiest way to let your call reach your voicemail straight is by making use of an app. Let’s discuss two of those applications.


This app works on iOS and Android. You are allowed access to free accounts but you will be forced to listen to an advertisement before you can make a call. It has 2 types of paid accounts depending on the choice of users. This one is free of ads as well so that the headache is gone. It is possible to use the voicemail feature for several people at the same time. The free version is still the perfect option though if you ask me.

How To Use it:

  1. Have Slydial downloaded and installed
  2. Register an account and log in.
  3. Dial 267-SLYDIAL from the app to aid connection to its services.
  4. As you see the prompt, type in the number you are trying to reach out to via Voicemail.
  5. Drop your message.

Do not forget that it will only function if you are calling a mobile phone. Landlines with digital voicemail will still not work.


It works brilliantly. Even if all you are attempting to do is strive to ensure you do not interrupt someone’s sleep but still have to send them a message that they will listen to when they wake up. This app’s job is to ensure the phone does not ring. WhatCall imports all of your contacts, so the simple step you will take is launch the app, click on contact and you will be connected with their voicemail.

How You Can Call Straight To Voicemail

How about if you are the one receiving a voicemail? Your phone beeps, you see the caller and just wish you can send them to voicemail. This can easily be done for all callers. Just set your phone to airplane mode or enable do not disturb. This is simple to do when the phone is ringing, just cut the call, and it goes to voicemail. But if you want to pick out one individual for voicemail reasons and ensure the phone does not ring when they dial your number, you will need to do things in another way.

Using Android

  1. Go to your call list and add the number you want to avoid as the contact.
  2. Head to Contacts and click the three-dot menu icon.
  3. Within the individual contact, click the three dots menu icon.
  4. Select “Route to voicemail.”

Sadly, it is impossible to send individual calls to voicemail on an iPhone without making use of a non-native app.

If you plan to steer clear of marketing calls, you can block them. This will not prevent the initial calls but will put an end to the calls after that.

  1. Launch the app and head to Recent
  2. Locate the telemarketer call.
  3. Click on the Information icon, then click “Block this caller.”
  4. All calls will be blocked.

Your phone will still receive calls, technically, but your mobile device will not inform you about any call. It is a phone and a network block. Blocking other networks will require the assistance of your network provider. To view voicemails from blocked calls, head to Voicemail, then scroll all the way to the bottom and tap “Blocked Messages.”

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