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Google Maps

Knowing how get to your destination using the Google Maps Offline Feature without having to connect to the internet is a must know. And i am going to be showing you how it is done on both the iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android Os.

Google maps on have been a life saver. Gathering over 1 billion download each on both the Google play store for android and Apple App Store for the iOS. Automatically making it the best map and navigation app on both the Goolge play store and the apple app store.

Google maps Offline

Google maps have really helped a lot of us in different ways. From showing the best and fastest route to get to our destination without running into much traffic on the way. To estimating the time it will take to get there.

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It even gives you options and lets you choose how you want to get to your location. Whether by car, bike or leg. It also gives you an estimated time of arrival based on the particular option you’ve chosen for the trip you are about to embark on.

Google maps is a must have for anybody that commutes on a daily bases. And with this newly added feature of Offline download, it is definitely worth having on a everyone’s smartphone.

The Google Maps Offline feature lets you download any place you choose to download on the Google Maps app and store on your internal storage to be access at a later time without internet. But there is obviously a limit to what you can download because you download the whole map of the world.

With this feature, Commuters or people that depend heavily on google maps for their day-to-day activities get to use less internet data. People like Uber or Taxify drivers that navigate certain routes in a region daily might choose to download the entire region. This will help reduce downtime cause by Instability of our Internet Connection. And most importantly, it saves data on the long run as we all know data is somewhat expensive.

How To Make Use Of Google Maps Offline On Android

Make sure your Google Maps is updated to the latest version before Following the steps below:

Open Your Google Maps

⚫ Make sure your Internet Connection is turned On and you are signed in to Google Maps App

⚫ Click on Menu and Scroll down Till you see Offline Maps and Click on it.

⚫ Click on Select Your Own Map

⚫Move the box to the region you want and then save.

You can also enlarge or reduce the region if needed but the more you increase the region, the more the download data increases and vice versa.

How To Make Use Of Google Maps Offline On iOS

⚫ Open the Google Maps App and Search for the region you want to download.

⚫ Click On Menu and Select Offline Areas

⚫ Click on The + button in the right bottom of the Screen.

Zoom in Or Zoom Out if you like and then click on Download

Name the region and save.


This is particularly a very nice feature which would really help a lot people especially the Uber, Taxify and other e-drivers out there. And the best part is that the app is free to download on both android and iOS devices.

Do lets us know if you will be using this feature on your device by leaving a comment below.

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