Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Looking for a way to use Qi Wireless Charging Pad With Samsung Galaxy Tab S3? Look no further. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is a 9.7inch tablet with super AMOLED display. It has 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. On the inside is a Snapdragon 820 processor clocking speeds of up 2.16GHz along with an Adreno 530 GPU for gaming. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 has everything you would want out of a 2017 tablet. Everything that is, except Wireless charging. One would think a tablet with the above specs will at least throw in the wireless charging feature but no, Samsung didn’t.

However, you can still charge your Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 wirelessly by making use of the Qi Wireless charging pad. This is a workaround that can get your Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 to somewhat charge ‘Wirelessly’. If you don’t already know how the Qi wireless charging pad works, I’ll explain. The Qi Wireless charging pad works by transferring energy from the charger to the receiver via electromagnetic induction. Now, the receiver which receives the energy gets placed at the back of the device which has a USB cable connected to it, through which it transfers said power to your device via the USB port.

Now that you know how it works, let go ahead and show you how you can make use of the Qi Wireless charging pad with Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

How To Make Use Of Qi Wireless Charging Pad with Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Making use of the Qi wireless charging Pad is pretty easy. All you have to do is to get a Qi to enable wireless charging pad and USB-C wireless receiver and you’re all good to go. Once you have the two which you can get on various online and offline stores or you already have them, then you can now follow the steps below.

– Plug the USB-C Cable end on the wireless receiver (buy for Android and iPhone devices) to your Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and Place the receiver coil at the back of the device.

– Plug in the Qi Wireless Charging Pad to the wall socket using its adapter.

– Now all you have to do is set the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 down on the wireless charging Pad. You have to make sure the wireless receiver is directly on top of the charging pad in order for the power/energy to get to the receiver and be transferred to your device.

There is also the problem of most USB-C receiver out there being too short for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Most receivers out there have at most, a 7cm of cable long receiver. This is just barely enough to get the receiver all the way to the center of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 back which is considered the idle spot. Getting a receiver with a shorter USB cable will also work but the coil will not get to the center of the device’s back.


If you’re still going to use a Qi Wireless Charging Pad with Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 then you should definitely get a receiver with a cable longer than 8cm so as to keep your device balanced on the charging pad while charging, wirelessly.

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