Samsung Pay Malaysia thumb704
Samsung Pay Malaysia thumb704

In this article, we will be talking about how you can add a membership card to Samsung Pay. The Samsung Pay features a whole lot of perks that will amaze you. Almost every card with a bar code is well-matched with the Samsung Pay feature and it can also be stored on it. With the Samsung Pay, you can by hand add all your membership cards and reward cards to your Galaxy Note 9 or any Samsung device.

Each time you are at the store you can get discounts with your card, for you to be able to do this; you can use the Samsung Pay application on your Galaxy Note 9 to pay for things without going through the stress of flashing your card to get those tremendous perks.

Steps to Manually Add a Membership Card

There are many retailers accessible on Samsung Pay. If you are not able to find yours on the retailers’ list, then don’t panic. You can speedily add your cards with implausible ease. The below steps will help you on how you can add any number of retailers to your Samsung Pay.

  1. Open the Samsung Pay application on your Galaxy smartphone
  2. Tap on the Wallet button and then Click on the Membership Cards
  3. Tap on the ADD button
  5. Click on Skip and put the card information yourself
  6. Insert the card details, and then Tap on SAVE

After clicking on save and saving the card information to your smartphone, you are now set to buy items with Samsung Pay application. This awesome feature is simple to use and kills the risk of losing your card in any store. In case you come across an incredible discount promo in a store, and you are not with your card at hand, you can swiftly whip out your Galaxy Note 9 to benefit from the promo offer.

If you are having trouble adding your card, start the process back. Your Samsung Galaxy device should add up manually.

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