How To Modify Background Color In The Unfold App?

Unfold is an amazing application that aids the creation of lovely Instagram Stories. All things from its UI to the features possesses a very minimalist clean look and there are all types of frames and adjustments that can be used to make your story captivating.

As regards changing the background color of the frames, the options to make that happen might not be as many as you want, but the application provides a proper variety all the same. Lets break down how you can change the background color.

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Like other Unfold options, altering the background color is rapid and simple. This is how you can achieve this:

  1. Choose your frame and include the picture that you intend to post.
  2. Below right, click the pentagon-shaped icon and fresh options will be revealed.
  3.  Click the drop icon way down on the right side of the frame to check out background options. Presently, you can select from six different colors plus the default white.
  4. Click the color that you wish to change the background to and have the picture saved.
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This is simple enough, but the number of options is not going to dazzle you. What you need to do if you would like additional options is to make use of another application.

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1. Preview

This is a brilliant application that aids you to customize the colors of your Instagram Story. It provides lots of options to boost your creativity and make your pictures unique. If you intend to create a custom background color for the addition of pictures, emojis and stickers, these are the instructions to adhere to:

  1. Open an image and choose the pen tool.
  2. Select your desired color way down on your screen.
  3. Press and hold wherever on the display to ensure the color is applied.

One more thing that can be done is to create a transparent color and make use of it as an overlay. Simply click “transparent,” select the color and press and hold the screen to get it applied.

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There are more alternatives that you can select from like changing text color, adding several color layers and more tweaks.

The application can be accessed on your iOS and Android device, plus it is free. It comes with in-app purchases that can be handy for those that intend to do this full time.

2. Canava

This is a well known application for whoever wants to create amazing Instagram Stories. It is an app that is useful for anyone who has a personal brand he or she intends to grow because Canava simplifies creating Story template that can be used for branding.

It is known for many other things and setting the background color of your Story is one of them. This is what must be done to achieve that.

  1. On your main screen, select “Your Story” to aid the creation of a blank template.
  2. Select one of the colors that can be used or click “+” to make use of your own personal color.
  3. Select your custom color, then click “Done.” The dedicated field can also be used to type in the color code if you have one you are thinking about and fancy.
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This readily grants you various color options that will please your eyes. It costs you nothing to use this app and it can be enjoyed on both Android and iOS devices.


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