Apple Carplay
Apple Carplay

Many Apple CarPlay users are disappointed that they can’t change the order of their applications, often thinking they can’t. Mistake, it’s possible and it’s very simple!

In Apple CarPlay, of course, native Apple applications are preferred, which usually occupy the entire first area, and if you want to get to your favorite application, mostly navigation, you have to scroll and search on other areas, which is annoying and while driving it can be also dangerous because you need to focus on driving, not looking for an application.

Of course, it depends on how many applications you have installed, resp. how many of them Apple CarPlay supports. If you have more of them, in practice the law of approval will show that the most used ones are completely behind. From iOS 13, the advantage is that Apple CarPlay has a so-called “Dashboard”, which displays the most important data from your phone, playback media, and navigation (

after the new it can be Google Maps, finally), but the rest of the applications are in the list that follows the “dashboard”.

How do I change the order, respectively?

No, it will not work directly in your car’s multimedia system – everything is done via a connected phone. It is necessary to go to: Settings – General – CarPlay – select the connected car – Customize. In this section, you simply move your favorite or most used applications forward and put the less used ones on the last desktop, or you can exclude them from this system – red no-entry icon 🙂. The changes will also be immediately reflected on the CarPlay screen in your vehicle. Simple, though?

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