GoogleCalls3real 2
GoogleCalls3real 2

Google Duplex is the voice-calling AI that makes reservations on a customer’s behalf.

Recently Google has been automatically opting businesses into receiving these kinds of robocalls as long as they possess a Google business page.

Even if this can be interesting for those that like to hear what Google Duplex’s unusual human AI sounds like, others do not want to partake in Google’s machine learning initiative without consenting to it.

Google revealed that its AI can call businesses for making and confirming reservations or to ask about business hours.

However, if for any reason you might have, you feel like opting out of receiving calls from Google Assistant, this is how you can make sure you are blocking these specific robocalls.

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  1. The first method to make sure you are opting in any Google “mischief” is to not possess a Google My Business page at all. This can be tough i know, because more people are making use of search and Google Maps to find out about businesses and to read reviews, so when you do not manage a page via Google, you could be getting left out in other areas.
  2. If you have no business with the step 1, then go to your Google My Business page. If you do not presently own a Google My Business page, then head to for the claiming of your business by searching for the name or its address, and proceed with the verification of your ownership.
  3. It can be verified by phone or Google can send a mail to the business address for you to use and verify fully, but this depends on your kind of business. Pls remember that Google sending a mail to the business address can take lots of days.
  4. As soon as you get your personal Google My Business page, get yourself logged into the dashboard. On the left menu bar, tap “Info.” This will reveal details about your business like what it is named, its address, when it is opened and closed plus service areas.
  5. On the far right, Open “Google Assistant calls.” Then ensure the option to receive Google Assistant calls is not ticked.

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Getting this done will deactivate customers’ ability to access your business via Google Assistant for reservations or regular business inquiries. But customers can still search your business on Google search and Google Maps to get informed about hours, reservation acceptances, and more details you decide to fill out like if the business provides bathrooms for guys and ladies, if the business accommodates wheelchair or if cheques are accepted.

A different way to get yourself opted out of Google Duplex calls is to inform your Google Assistant to disable it. To get this done, ensure your Google Assistant phone is presently on your business’s Google account. Make use of the voice prompt and say “Hey Google, please stop calling my business.” for confirmation of the request. (The AI is not rude so adding please is only right.)

Disabling the Google Assistant calls might not prevent Google from reaching you totally, but it will definitely prevent Duplex AI from any lifelike voice calls on behalf of your patronizers. And if you fancy any sort of experimentation with the AI, simply head back to your business dashboard to reactivate it.

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