Pay your DSTv subscription using KongaPay app

If you would like to pay your DStv Subscription Using KongaPay App then you are definitely in the right place. KongaPay was introduced sometime in 2015 in collaboration with Nigerian banks specifically to help build the trust between their online shopping store, and the people who patronize them. However, years have passed and KongaPay seems to have evolved and still evolving as they now support payments on not just Konga online shopping store. It can now also be used to pay Bills, Buy airtime and pay for cable TV; One of which being DSTv which we will be discussing in this guide.

With KongaPay, you don’t have to look for debit cards or keep your debit cards details close by whenever you want to make a transaction or pay DSTv subscription. You can even make payments offline just by scanning QR codes – That is if the merchants support it. The only thing you need in order to do all these is just to log in to your KongaPay account using your login details and that’s it. From here You can now pay your DSTv subscription. Once the transaction is done, the money gets debited from your account and your DSTv starts working. You can also set up a standard order on KongaPay to automatically renew your DSTv plan every month if you want; This is absolutely free.

How To Pay Your DSTv Subscription Using KongaPay App

For you to be able to pay your DSTv subscription using KongaPay App, you’ll obviously have to download the app if you haven’t already. To download the app, Kindly go to your respective apps stores(Google play store for Android and Apple app store for iPhone/iPad) and search for “KongaPay” and Download the App. Once you have the app installed, then you can follow the steps below.

  • Open the KongaPay App and Sign In using your Phone Number and KongaPay Pin. Don’t have an account? Click on Sign up to Create one.
  • Once you’re logged In, Click on Services and Select TV Subscriptions.

  • Select DSTv.

  • Now, Input your DSTv SmartCard Number and Tap Continue.

  • You’ll be taken to a page with the Subscriber Name and other options to complete your payment.

  • Under Bouquet, Choose/Select any of the available Bouquets you would like to subscribe for.

  • Now, Choose how many months you will like to subscribe to Under Select Subscription Duration. I.e One month, two months, three months etc.

  • If you would like to automatically renew the bouquet once it expires, you can Tick/Mark the “Auto-Renew Every Month”

  • Cross-check and make sure you’re okay with the options you provided before hitting Pay.

  • Once you hit Pay, The amount of the DSTv subscription you chose will be debited from your bank account linked to your KongaPay account.

It might take some time for DStv to acknowledge the payment and subsequently activate it so be patient.

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That’s how to pay your DSTv subscription using KongaPay App. Like I said earlier, That’s not all the app can do. You can a whole lot of other stuff so you might want to explore the app. Got questions about the KongaPay App or how to use to subscribe for any of the DSTv Bouquets? Ask us using the comment section down below.

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