How to play Android games on PC | the complete guide

Games developed for Android are increasingly studied and edited, both for graphics and for narratives. Many smartphones, perhaps with a technical sheet that does not impress, cannot support games that are too complex. Why don't you try then to exploit the potential of these games in your PC?

This possibility could also meet all those who, despite having a powerful enough device, would like to try some wonderful games designed for the mobile world even in their personal computer.

Here, then, two simple methods that will allow you to do this action: ready to have fun with your favorite games available in the immense Google Play Store?

Emulator: the simplest method

The easiest and perhaps the best way to bring games for Android into your PC is to use an emulator. Emulators are tools that allow you to emulate the experience of a console or other electronic device in any machine. Very popular, for example, are the emulators that allow you to use games developed for consoles in the PC.

What, for many reasons, could be the main candidate as "the best Android emulator for PC" is definitely BlueStacks, developed in 2011 and today has more than a billion games played.

BlueStacks is a great product dedicated exclusively to Android games. This solution provides users with a unique experience: products designed for smartphones may turn out much better in some computers with certain technical characteristics. Suffice it to say that a smartphone of good quality, at the beginning of 2019, offers about 4 GB of RAM; a computer with the same feature, however, is now considered obsolete.

BlueStacks is perfect for the purpose for which it was designed and will allow you to enjoy games for Android in a larger screen and with much higher quality.

How to install

To install BlueStacks, you will have to go to the official website of the platform and click the green button on which the words "Download BlueStacksappear. The installation file will be downloaded: the total weight exceeds 400 megabytes and therefore you will have to wait a long time (depending on the speed of your connection). After completing the download, double click on the file and proceed with the guided procedure.

After installing the program, you can launch it and start playing immediately.

Install your favorite games

To install any Android game and use it on your PC thanks to the emulator, you will need to open the Google Play Store, by selecting the appropriate icon, and, using the classic search field, enter a keyword or the desired game title. You can also consult several collections divided by genres and rankings. Once you have chosen the game to try, simply open the dedicated page and click with the mouse on the green button with the word "Install".

Google Play Store inside the emulator.
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The product will be automatically installed and will be added to the list of available apps. The procedure is practically identical to the one with which you can install applications in a smartphone or tablet with an Android operating system.

Using an extension for Chrome

This procedure is especially recommended for Chrome OS users, where the process will provide maximum gaming experience. Anyone who does not really appreciate emulators or would like to avoid installing a fairly large application like BlueStacks can get a similar result thanks to the Chrome extension called "Welderio".

Download Google Chrome

Chrome is the browser launched by Google in 2008. Already in 2015, 7 years after the official release, the company project was considered one of the best browsers in circulation becoming the most downloaded one: 65% of global users had installed it. To download the latest version, you can go to the official website and on the home page, you will need to click on the blue button with the words "Download Chrome" and then read and accept the terms and conditions. The download will start automatically. Open the .exe file and perform the wizard.

Add the extension

Google also allows third-party developers to load in some internal store some extensions that allow you to add other features in the browser. To access this extension store, you'll need to open a new tab and click on "App", located at the top (near your favorite websites). You'll find all the applications inside Google Chrome, from Docs to Gmail. At this moment, we are interested in the "Web Store" icon.

The extension for Google Chrome.
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By accessing this area, you will find all the available extensions. Search, with the dedicated function, "Welderio" (or "Arc Welder"). Click on "Add" and wait for the procedure to be completed.

Load games

To use games on your PC with this extension, you will need to get the file with the "apk" extension. To do this, just search on Google "Name game apk" and prefer, in the results, secure websites such as Apkpure and Apkmirror.

A file with the extension ".apk".

Remember that downloading content, protected by copyright, from unauthorized websites is not granted: we absolutely do not want to invite you to perform this action; this guide is for illustrative purposes only. Download the app you prefer and access the extension: in case you do not have to immediately find the game you just downloaded, click on the " + " icon and select the apk file choosing the path in which it was saved.

The extension screen with some information.

You will not have to do anything else: the game will be ready.


Thanks to these two methods you can finally exploit the potential of countless Android games. If you love resuming your games and posting them online, using the emulator will greatly simplify your work. You just have to prepare the Joystick or the mouse/keyboard pair and start having fun right away.


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