apps for Samsung Smart TV
apps for Samsung Smart TV

When it comes to gaming, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo are the house hold names. But they come with a very expensive tag too, making it almost impossible for some people to own one. But who needs a PlayStation or Xbox when you already have a mini gaming rig your hand? Smartphone over the years have improved immensely; larger display screens–perfect for gaming, improved Ram etc.

Although, if we are to be sincere with our selves, you can’t get the same gaming experience from a Smartphone as you would from a gaming console like PlayStation. But a Smartphone with the right Specs will most likely give you a similar experience.

In fact, there are Smartphones that are specifically designed for gaming. Smartphones such as the Xiaomi Black Shark, Honor Play, Huawei Mate 20 X, Razer Phone 2 etc. These Smartphones come with at least 8GB of RAM, a big 5.7-inch display and above, 4000mAh battery, processors like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 etc.

Once you have a Smartphone that is suitable and can give you a great gaming experience, you’ll then need to get a TV with a big screen. You can connect your Smartphone to your TV via USB cable. It is very fast, no interference or incompatibility issues.

Another alternative is to mirror your phone to the TV via Miracast. Screen mirroring comes with WI-FI connectivity and compatibility issues. But it is the best option if you don’t want messy cabling around.

ASUS WiGig Display Dock is another device that’ll enable you hook up your smartphone wirelessly to a TV seamlessly, thanks to its fast 802.11ad 60Hz Wi-Fi technology. ASUS WiGig Display Dock is useful if your TV didn’t come with the latest TV standards like Miracast.

To make your gaming experience even greater, you can purchase a Gaming controller for your smartphone. The GameSir F1 Grip comes with an adjustable phone mount, high precision joysticks, Dual vibration Motors, and Bluetooth. Costs about $40 0n Amazon.

Finally, as we all know Gaming drains battery life from smartphones a lot, you might want to consider getting a power battery bank with at least 10,00mAh.


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