How To Prevent Access To Photos On iPhone And Show Only One?

Do you know you can actually block pictures on your iPhone? Meaning you can give your mobile device to a friend or acquaintance without bothering yourself about personal and classified pictures being shown.

Most times you might wish to show a particular picture to a friend, but you are also scared that when he or she browses, even unintentionally, among the pictures, photos you would rather keep private can be exposed.

In the same way, you might need to pass an e-ticket, a QR code for access to a flight or a still picture to a relative, a kid or an old person not used to mobile phones and stop the receiver of your device from changing the photo or quitting the app by mistake.

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To stop this from happening, you can easily block pictures on the iPhone, so that that friend, relative or sibling will not pass the boundary you have set. The individual will only be allowed to stare at the picture on the screen. This is how to go about it:

Before anything else, you have to activate guided access. This can be done by heading to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access. After enabling the relevant function, you have to set a 4-digit PIN code. This operation will need to be repeated once.

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You can block specific actions inside any app. Just go into the photo, open a particular image you wish to show to friends and family and tap 3 times the Home button. It will reveal the guided access window. By tapping "options," you can delete the Touch.

When the editing menu is closed, tap "start" in the upper right corner. Here, after properly typing in the PIN code previously set, the display will be totally locked on that particular photo.

So, the individual you give your phone to will not be able to browse other pictures or interact with your mobile device. To disable guided access, just tap 3 more times on the home button, then press the end button, after that, type in the PIN code. These guidelines will get the job done on any app installed on the phone.

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