bilgisayar kahve dokulmesi
bilgisayar kahve dokulmesi

When was the last time you took good care of your laptop? This easy laptop repair work doesn’t just clean dirt and dust in your laptop; it also keeps your laptop running in good health.

Laptop Parts to Clean

The five large parts of the laptop you should clean are the case, the laptop keyboard, the LCD screen, the cooling vents and the ports.

You can also open your system to get rid and expose dirt in its cooling system (the heatsink and the fan) but only do this only if you’re comfortable opening up your system. Cleaning the system can aid in solving the trouble of overheating and related symptoms like your system freezing or having problems of shutting down.


These are the following things you should clean in your laptop

  • Use bottled water. Make sure you Avoid tap water, which can leave eternal mineral spots.
  • Lint-free cloth, make use of the kind of cloths used for cleaning eyeglasses. You can use a soft, 100% cotton cloth. Do not use facial tissues, paper towels, or abrasive or scratchy cloths.

Prepare to Clean

  • Make sure the laptop is off and not plugged, then remove the battery.
  • Make use of a 1:1 cleaning solution using the alcohol and water.
  • Moisten the cloth with the cleaning materials–it should be a little bit moistened rather than too wet. Also, don’t ever spray anything on the laptop; the liquid should go on the cloth first before cleaning.

Clean the Laptop Case

Use the soft cloth to wipe down the external part of the laptop. This will assist you to make it look even brand-new. Then open the lid and clean the areas around your keyboard.

Clean the Keyboard and Touchpad

Use a can of compressed air to release and remove crumbs, dirt, and everything else that may be trapped in the keys. Alternately, you can turn the computer over and gently shake out any movable debris, running your fingers over the keys to help the process.

If your keys are stuck or a very dirty is stuck in your keyboard (due to drinks or any other substance), you can also get rid of the individual keys and wipe below them with cotton dipped in the cleaning solution. Make sure you check your system manual to ensure that the keys can be removed for cleaning.

Some systems have drains built into the keyboard. If yours is like that, you can put distilled water into the keyboard and let it dry by itself. Check your manual to make sure you can do this before doing it..

Finally, use the soft cloth to clean the keys and touchpad.

Clean the LCD Screen

Clean the Screen using the soft cloth, or if you have another cloth, you can make use of a newly moistened cloth if the previous cloth is too grimy (again, don’t spray any solution on the display screen). Use gentle circular motions or clean the display from right to left or from top to bottom.

Last But Not the Least

Make sure your system is very dry before switching it on.

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