A keylogger is a computer program designed by programmers (blackhat hackers), and every keystroke made by a computer user on a computer is recorded and sent to the hackers to gain fraudulent access to user’s passwords, credit card details and other vital information. Most keylogger software’s are designed to scan through files for a certain type of text-like sequence of numbers that look like passwords or credit card details.

How to minimize the risk of keylogger attack

Install antivirus software:

Antivirus software’s will not guarantee you protection against sophisticated and cutting-edge keylogger software. Most of them can only protect against basic keyloggers.

On-Screen Keyboard

Make use of on-screen keyboard when entering passwords, credit cards, and online payment details. Most keyloggers are designed to only capture keystrokes from the computer keyboard. On-screen keyboard serves as a virtual keyboard, and it can help to by-pass any threat posed by a keylogger.

Make Use of Firewall

Firewalls are designed to monitor and control what goes in and out of a computer system. Some poorly designed keyloggers can’t disguise their payloads to appear as DNS or HTTP transmissions. In this kind of situations, the firewall can easily detect suspicious packets leaving or entering your computer.

Install Software

Spyshelter is a software designed with several lines of attack against keyloggers. They will detect keyloggers when they try to install and gain access to your computer and will make sure that the installation attempt is blocked.

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Note: Spyshelter is only available for the Windows operating system, once you install the software, make sure you let it run all the time for it to work effectively

Zemana is another very useful software that is just as effective. It has an anti-logger that come with features like encryption enforcer for secure web transmissions, ransom ware protection, ad blocker, and malware scanner. It monitors all activities and scans downloads.

zemana is also only available on the Windows operating system.


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