How To Record A Call On Samsung Galaxy Note 9


Do you want to record a call on Samsung Galaxy Note 9? If your answer is Yes, then you're definitely in the right place. Call recording has been a part of Samsung phones and comes pre-installed in the stock dialer app. With the call recording feature embedded in the stock dialer app, you don't need to download any other third-party app for this purpose. The Call recording feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been given some little touches to make it even better than before.

You can record calls automatically without having to press record. This way, immediately you pick up any call, it automatically starts recording the call. This is very good as we don't know when a call would be worth recording or not. After the call, you can go back and listen to it to know if it's worth keeping or just delete it. Of course, this particular Feature can be turned off in the settings menu of the dialer app. You can also Select which calls to automatically record. For example, you can choose to automatically record calls from contacts not saved on your phone, all contacts or just a particular contacts.

How To Record A Call On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

To Record Calls or Record a Call on Samsung Galaxy Note 9, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Dialer App and Click on the Three Dots at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select Settings from the list of drop-down options.
  • Scroll down and Select Record Calls.
  • Now Toggle the Auto Record Calls Option.
Know which Android version is installed on your Phone

NOTE: Lately Google Disabled the option to record phone calls starting with Latest Android Oreo 8.1 Updates on some devices. Call Recording will not be available anymore soon even with 3rd party apps. A new software update for Note9 has been starting to roll in the last days: Build N960U1UES1ARH6.

ALTERNATIVELY: you can, for now, use ACR Call recorder, which can be downloaded for free here.

Now whenever you're on call, it automatically records it and saves it on your device. Alternatively, you can Press the record button on the screen while you're on call. However, you might sometimes forget to do that, so it is better you turn on the auto record calls for all contacts, some specific contacts or from phone numbers that aren't saved on your phone.

From the Record Calls settings, you can also Click on recorded calls option to view and listen to a list of previously recorded calls. You can listen to them and sort them out by deleting the ones you don't want.


Now you know how to record a call on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 you can go ahead record all the calls you want. Personally, I would say the new features on the call recording settings are a bonus. Now that all that is in the stock dialer app, that's one less app you'll have to download from the Google play store if you were looking for those settings. If you're having any trouble setting yours up then don't hesitate to let us know through the comment section down below.

  1. joseph says

    In caller dialer app settings,( in my Samsung galaxy note 9 ), there is no call record option.. could you please suggest me to get it.

  2. Julie says

    My note 9 doesn’t have that option of “record calls” in the dialer app, please what do I do?

  3. Mirian says

    My note 9 doesn’t have that option of “record calls” in the dialer app, please what do I do???

  4. Fawzia says

    No recording option in the settings..

  5. Gangadhar R Lakamsani says

    I did not find this ” RECORD CALL” option in my Note 9
    I am using the Note 9 in USA
    How c enable it in my note 9
    Appreciate your help and feed back in this regardGangadhar

  6. Khor says

    Not every country Samsung Note 9 has the built-in call recording function.

  7. Xerxes Printer says

    Where does the phone dialer save the recorded files

  8. amy says

    My note 9 doesn’t have this option…

  9. Alan says

    My Note 9 does not have this function, how can l have it installed

  10. Heather says

    I can’t find this option. I very much need it for a discrimination claim.

  11. Dan says

    How do I get this option back I understand the last update is what removed it from my menu. Really need this feature

  12. Thomas says

    fk the latest software update for note 9 had taken this feature from us !!! please give it back !!

  13. Rajan VR says

    I stay in the UAE, there is no option that says,
    record calls , what do I do?

  14. NJgirlinIN says

    My note 9 doesn’t have this option…

  15. Erica says

    My phone doesn’t have that option?

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