Record Calls on iPhone
Record Calls on iPhone

Do you need to record calls on your iPhone? See our guide. We may be able to use our phones to order pizzas, stop taxis and even detect heartbeats, but when it comes to recording a simple phone call, we have to jump through obstacles.

Unfortunately, recording a call is not as easy as simply pressing a button on your iPhone – to do so, you will need to install an app. There are many different apps in the Apple Store and services on the Web that claim to record calls on an iPhone and while many promise crystal-clear quality for free, very few live up to those claims.

We put ourselves on the Internet in search of the best call recorders for your iPhone, trying some different methods and apps and we created this list of tips. Just make sure you respect the laws of your country.

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Is it legal to record phone calls?

In some countries, the recording of calls without the interlocutor’s knowledge does not constitute, under certain conditions, a crime as it does not infringe on privacy. For the Court of Cassation, the recording of conversations is legitimate.

Public broadcasting of a private conversation is prohibited. Making it be heard by third parties or published for example on the internet or on social networks is in fact a criminal offense.

Having made this clear, let’s move on.

How to record an outgoing call with an iPhone app

If you want the option to record both incoming and outgoing calls, the best solution is a call recording app. There aren’t many good call recording apps that are actually free, but there are some options if you’re willing to pay a few euros. We have tested some call recorders and believe that the following four options are the best.


With one of the cheapest retail rates, IntCall could be the best choice depending on the country you’re calling. You can purchase additional minutes for € 5, € 10 or € 20 and the cost per minute varies in each country.

We highly recommend checking the price list before buying anything, but most countries do not exceed 10 cents or 20 cents per minute, which makes it more of a bargain than the pay-per-minute plans offered by others. The only negative aspect is that it works through a VoIP line, which means that in order to use it you must be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

TapeACall Pro

If you don’t mind paying for a decent app, you could consider TapeACall Pro. For just € 11.99, you get an unlimited call recording time, regardless of who or where you’re calling, for a year. The renewal seems to cost € 4 a month or € 30 a year for unlimited calls.

It works slightly differently than the other options listed here: for incoming calls, you start a recording by putting the speaker on hold for a moment, then opening the app and pressing the record button.

Once all this is done, the call is merged and stored with a remote registration service. For outgoing calls, open the app, press the record, then call anyone and join the call. Unlike other services, TapeACall Pro does not notify the other party that you are recording the conversation. At the end of the recording, it is possible to access the audio file stored directly on the smartphone.

Call Recorder Pro

You can record incoming or outgoing calls with this app, but you need to set up a three-way call by putting the call on hold, dialing the recorder through the app and then joining the calls, which is a bit of a hassle.

On the other hand, it means that you can start recording calls that are already in progress quite easily. Call Recorder Pro is a reliable service that simplifies the management of your recordings and you can download and share them via SMS, e-mail, Dropbox and other apps. Paying € 10 you will have 300 minutes, but you can also buy 150 minutes for € 5 or 30 minutes for € 1.

Rev Call Recorder

You can record incoming and outgoing calls on your iPhone with this free app, as long as you have an American phone number to register with. There are no subscriptions and hidden costs lurking, no limit to the length or number of conversations you can record and the quality is generally decent.

It works by setting a three-way call, so you need to join the registration line, but it’s easy enough to do and you can download the audio file later and do whatever you want. If you’re wondering why it’s offered for free, Rev also offers a transcription service for $ 1 per minute, managed by human translators for superior accuracy.

How to record an incoming call using Google Voice

If you are looking for a good free option and you only need to register incoming calls, Google Voice may be right for you and can help you filter out unwanted calls as well. You must set your phone number on Google to access the registration function and cannot record outgoing calls.

This makes it quite inconvenient if you have to record all calls.

To start recording incoming calls with Google Voice, you must first set up an account. It’s extremely simple: go to and follow the instructions. Once your account is up and running, the next step is to enable call recording so you can automatically record and save the conversation as an MP3 file.

Step 1: Go to the main Google Voice home page.

Step 2: Click the three-point icon in the left menu and select Settings from the resulting menu.

Step 3: Scroll to the Calls section and make sure that the Incoming Call options are active.

Once this is done, incoming calls can be recorded by pressing the number “4” on the telephone keypad during the call. This will activate an automatic entry that notifies both parties that the call is being recorded.

To stop recording, simply press “4” again or end the call as usual. After stopping the recording, Google will automatically save the conversation in the Inbox, where you can find, listen to or download all the recordings.

If you want to listen to your phone calls recorded on your iPhone, you will need to download the Google Voice app.

  1. Launch the Google Voice app as you normally would.
  2. Touch Menu in the upper left corner of the app.
  3. Select Registered.
  4. Find the call you want to hear and tap the recording to open it.
  5. Touch the play icon in the lower-left corner.

Record using an external voice recorder

If you don’t like suggestions so far, another option is to take a dedicated voice recorder designed to connect directly to your smartphone’s 3.5mm jack or connect via Bluetooth.

Products like Koolertron Phone Call Recorder (€ 33) work well, but if you have a newer iPhone, you may need to use the lightning-to-headphone adapter.

You can also consider the Calltronic Bluetooth Call Recorder (€ 42) if you want something that connects wirelessly or if you want something higher quality that connects via the headphone port, the Digital Voice Recorder from Techerific (€ 130 ).

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