iOS devices
iOS devices

Looking for how to record iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Screen? Then look no further. This guide will teach you how to do just that.

Apple has recently released its iOS 11 across its iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch. The update came with a lot of newly added Features, one of which is the ability to record your screen which we are going to be talking about here. Before iOS 11 update, you could only take screenshots on the various iOS devices out there.

This, to me, is kind of surprising because this feature has already been available on the Android OS since version 7.0 nougat or even earlier, so it seems as if Apple is somewhat late to the party. Or maybe it’s users never wanted the feature?

Nevertheless, it is better late than never right? One thing I also like about the recording feature on the iOS 11 is the fact that you can record with the microphone off or on. Best part? You don’t need any third-party application for this, so if you already have one Installed, you can go ahead and delete it and save yourself some space.

This feature is only available for Devices running on the latest iOS 11, so if you aren’t on the latest iOS, you might want to update your device very soon to get not just screen Record feature but other new features as well. If your device doesn’t support the iOS 11, then I guess you will have to make do with third-party apps for now.

How To Record iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Screen

  • Access The Settings Menu.
  • Click on Control Center and Select Customize Controls.

  • Tap The + Sign Next to Screen Recording.

  • Now Go back home and Access the Control Center. (Swipe Up From the bottom edge of your phone screen. If you are using the iPhone X, Swipe down from the upper-right corner of your phone screen.)

  • You will see the Record Button (Normal Sized Dot) which is for recording.

  • Tap on it to Start Recording.

Now to record your phone screen with sound/audio follow the steps below.

  • Access the Control Center from anywhere.
  • Press and Hold the Record Button (Normal Sized Dot) and Tap on the Microphone Audio.

  • Now Tap The Record Button and Wait for the 3 seconds countdown before it starts recording.

  • To stop the recording, head back to the control center and Hit the Red Record Button or tap the Red Status Bar at the top of the screen and Select Stop.

  • Conclusion

    Now that you know how to record iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Screen you can go ahead and make those videos you’ve wanted to make. I must say that this feature is long overdue and should have been available before now, just like on the Android platform.

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