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Most people do not know this, but Windows 10 actually has a built-in screen recording feature which lets users record a desktop or app video. This feature is amazing for software demonstrations or recording games straight from your desktop. Let’s break down How To Record The Screen/Screencast In Windows 10:

There are some packages available for screencasts, and a free package named VClip makes it possible to record in Windows 10. Therefore, before anything else, access this page to add VClip to your Windows 10, after that, tap Download 13.8 MB to save the compressed Zip file.

Since it is a compressed Zip, as soon as you download it, you need to press “Extract All” in File Explorer and then type in a folder path where you wish to extract it to. Access the extracted folder, and then tap VClip to launch the window as it is visible below.

Record Screen Screencast Windows 10
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Once that is done, move and expand the VClip window till it includes all the area of the window or desktop you wish to add to the recorded screencast. Move the cursor to the window borders and then ensure the left mouse button is held to drag it.

As soon as you have resized the window, tap the little arrow close to the “Rec” button. After that, choose 15, 25, and 35 FPS options for recording. Tap the Rec button to start the recording. When you are done recording the screencast, tap “Stop.” Then you can tap the little arrow close to “Save” to select a file format. The recording can be saved in MP4, WEBM, OGG, AVI and GIF formats.

Record Screen Screencast Windows 10
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How Can I Record Screen Using The Built-In Recorder In Windows 10?

Windows 10 is home to a built-in screen recording tool named Game Bar, and it has to be activated in your computer settings to aid the tool to do anything related to recordings.

  • Press the Windows key and “I” simultaneously on your keyboard and you will be led to Settings.
  • Choose “Gaming.”
  • Press the toggle button to enable the feature.
Record Screen Screencast Windows 10
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  • To record your activity within an application, move your cursor to it and press the Windows logo and G simultaneously on your keyboard.
  • Tap “Record” to begin recording.
  • To end the recording, tap “Stop.”
  • To view the recording, tap on the notification way down on the screen.

That is that.

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