Windows 10 Desktop
Windows 10 Desktop

In this guide, we will see how to recover the quick notes, also known as post-it or sticky notes, which have been deleted intentionally or deleted by mistake in Windows 10.

“Does anyone have an idea on how to recover the contents of the quick notes deleted by mistake? I get used to writing everything by creating notes on the desktop, while time creates notes, and recently 12 notes have been deleted by mistake and have not gone to the trash. How can I do now to recover them on my Windows 10 PC? “

Many times we may be interested in making a backup (backup) of our quick notes (Sticky Notes) to have them on another PC or laptop that may have another version of the Windows operating system.

Or vice versa, we want to recover those quick notes that we have previously deleted.

Now you have two solutions to recover the quick notes and get back all the written content. One is to look for the StickyNotes.snt file by itself and the other is to use a program.

How to recover a Sticky Notes or Post-it if it was deleted by mistake

Once you have deleted a quick note, have you permanently deleted it? As in the case mentioned above, it cannot even be found in the Windows Recycle Bin.

But don’t worry, there’s a solution. It is possible to retrieve part of the information of the quick notes, but this depends on the last modification or creation of the notes.

If you’ve created a note recently, the solution won’t work, but if you haven’t created a note yet, you can try the following steps and see if the system allows you to view the most recent content.

Method 1: Normally, the contents of the quick notes are automatically saved in a file called StickyNotes.snt which is in C: Users (search for the user name) DateDate Roaming Sticky Notes.

The AppData folder is hidden so that you can view it you have to go to the Organize, Folder and Search options, in the View tab, correct that the Show hidden files, folders and units option is enabled, then press Apply and then OK. The AppData folder should appear within the recently viewed folders.

Look for Sticky Notes, where you will find the StickyNotes.snt right-click on the title and choose to open with, select Notepad.

Method 2: You can also directly use a software for data recovery to retrieve the contents of quick notes. This method is different from the previous solution.

When it is not possible to retrieve notes with the previous method, it can use the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard data recovery program, which is compatible with Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista.

In reality, it can recover not only the .snt files but the program is also able to recover many other types of files. It offers an easy way to recover deleted files even recover files from recycle bin . To simplify the recovery work, learn how to recover deleted notes in Windows by following the guide below.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can recover deleted files and folders on your computer’s hard drive, laptop, USB memory or SD card by analyzing the entire storage drive, we see the whole process below:

Step 1. Select a location: a local disk partition or a removable storage device, then click the Scan button.

Step 2. Scan the entire storage device: this is a fundamental step, the EaseUS data recovery software will search for all the lost data. Soon you will see a quick scan result called “Deleted files“, there you will find all the deleted files and folders.

Step 3. Preview and restore files: in “Deleted files“, you can search for the desired files by following the path, or you can use the “Filter” function to quickly find what you want. 

Also, you can double-click on the found file to get a complete preview. Finally, choose the files you want and click on the Recover button to save them to another location instead of the original to avoid data overwriting.

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