How To Recover Your iPhone Backup Password


There is vital information we have in our phone which we will not bear to lose, perhaps the fear of losing those important files pushed you to look for means to save those file or information for future use, no doubt, backing it up is an excellent idea. But recently, we notice that stress, anxiety, and many more make people forget their Backup password.

What of you, have you forgot your iPhone backup password?. Don’t panic much, there fixes you will try. Basically, in this article, we will help you see various ways you can recover your iPhone Backup Password.

iOS 11 And Upwards

Ever since the release of iOS 11, iPhone owners are a bit relieved when it comes to encrypted backups if you can recover the backup password you can reset it, and once you have done that you can now make a new encrypted backup. To tell you the truth, this is a straight forward process, but the only thing it will affect is your home screen layout, such as your wallpaper and your little iPhone personalization. To do this, rush to Settings > General > Reset. Click Reset All Settings and insert your phone’s encrypted backup password. At this point, you can connect your device to iTunes and create a new encrypted backup.

Note: You cant restore from a previously encrypted backup, the only thing you will do is to create new ones.

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How to Recover Your Forgotten iPhone Backup Password On An Older iOS Version?

Are you using iOS 10?  Have in mind that you can't reset your password, don’t worry, this article will also help you to see ways you might be able to resolve the issue.

The first thing you will do is to check whether the password you forgot is stored in your macOS keychain. Again, ask your self, did someone else set up my iPhone or help me set it up? In that case, that person might know the password although this is not common, because you can doubt that someone might know it, and it might hurt to ask, but you have to consider it first.

It can also be possible that the password is hidden right under your nose, it could be possible that you will be typing something else instead of your unique backup password and as such, you might think that iTune is demanding for your computer password which is not true, cool down and try other possible passwords such as your iCloud password, the passcode you use for your iPhone, and other commonly used passwords to see if they work if the one you are inserting isn’t working. For you not to make a mistake, write down the one you have tried for you not to insert it again.

Third-party app: A Tool To Recover Your iPhone Backup Password

If you have tried all the above options and nothing seems to be working out for you, all hope isn’t lost,  Third-Party app can help you retrieve back your data, but they come with a few caveats.

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Note: this app isn’t always free, and are often quite expensive.

The third-party app makes use of dictionary attacks and brute force attacks to unlock your data. As you likely know, these are two of the most common tactics attackers use to hack your passwords. You may be required to choose which method you use to try to unlock your encrypted backup. The app may also use a “smart” method, which basically picks the defaults for you and makes it start functioning. If in case you know part of the password, you can use a “mask” attack. Mask attack takes the part of the password you know and tries to guess the rest with the brute force method. At times this can be faster. Note: Make sure you give it the right information; if you give it the wrong information, it won’t ever succeed.

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