How To Rectify Touch Key Light Not Functioning On Samsung Galaxy J3

A rampant issue with the Samsung Galaxy J3 is the touch key light that always fails to do its job.

The device comes with 2 touch keys each on the two sides of the Home button. These keys brighten up as soon as the Galaxy J3 is turned on, working as a proper way to be aware immediately if the device is up and running, even if that is not the main purpose for their existence. The reason they are there in the first place is to aid you when you do not have the aptest lighting conditions around you at a particular time.

If you are currently battling touch key lights by the Home button issues, we will break it down for you to have it fixed.

How To Rectify Touch Key Lights When They Are Not Functioning

In several cases, the Galaxy J3 touch key lights are not faulty, they are simply deactivated at the time. And the reason for that is because the touch key lights are saving energy, and anything that concerns energy-saving, lights are always the first to be reduced. Simply follow the guidelines on how to enable the touch key lights on the Samsung Galaxy J3.

  1. Turn on the Samsung Galaxy J3.
  2. Open the Menu page.
  3. Head to Settings.
  4. Select Quick Settings.
  5. Head to Power Saving Mode.
  6. Then head to Restrict Performance.
  7. You will notice a box beside Turn off touch key light, untick it.

You are done. The touch key lights for your Galaxy J3 will begin to function as they should.

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