We will be looking at ways we can cut down and really reduce data usage on WhatsApp. WhatsApp have really grown over the years from that small messaging app we all used on our symbian devices to a social networking giant that it is now.

Almost everyone had WhatsApp installed on their device, whether android or iOS etc. WhatsApp was easy and fun to use and most importantly, it did not take up almost all of my data. Now the story has changed. And people are starting to move over to other similar apps, one of which being Telegram.

Reduce data usage on WhatsApp

It all started when WhatsApp was acquire by Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook for about $19 billion dollars sometime in 2014. I knew back then that some changes to the popular messaging platform was in view after the acquisition by Facebook. And i was right.

Since then, we have seen numerous changes that have taken the app users by storm. From the addition of voice calls to video calls and even statuses. Just like the one that is on the Snapchat App. There have even been debates that Facebook stole this feature from Snapchat and not only put it on WhatsApp but also on Instagram which Facebook also owns.

WhatsApp now has another app on the Google play store named WhatsApp Business. Which like the name implies is for business owners who want reach their customers more efficiently. But I’m starting to digress, so lets head right back to it.

All the new features we have seen added to WhatsApp have made the app even more interesting and helped communicate more efficiently. But there seem to be a problem, all the new features are taking a very chunk out of people’s data bundles.

Before all the numerous features on WhatsApp was introduced, you could barely used up to a hundred megabyte on WhatsApp in a month. But now, WhatsApp takes almost one gigabyte monthly. This is a huge problem for those who do not have that much data and would like to conserve the little they have.

We will be be showing you what to do to drastically cut down your WhatsApp Data Usage with some few steps below.

How to Reduce Data Usage On WhatsApp

⚫ Make sure you phone is turned ON

Open Your WhatsApp

⚫ Click on the Three Dot at the top right of the App.

⚫ Select Settings

⚫ Click On Data and Storage Usage

⚫ You will see the Media auto Download Underneath it is where you will the following:

  • When Using Mobile Data Click on it and Unmark All Of The Sub Categories.

Do the same for When connected on Wifi and When Roaming

After doing that, you should head over to Call Settings at the bottom of the list and Mark The Lower the amount of data used during a WhatsApp Call

Voice messages can not be stopped from being automatically downloaded as WhatsApp specifically states that “Voice messages are always automatically downloaded for the best communication experience.” Although i would not want to turn off downloads for voice messages. I would like the option in case i change my mind. Hopefully, WhatsApp adds this feature in the nearest future.

As for statuses update, you can also Learn how to disable WhatsApp status on android, but it only works on rooted android devices.


WhatsApp is a very interesting messaging platform. And with addition of all these cool features over the years, it has made it even more better. Bringing us even more closer to our friends and loved ones. But one has to be cautious and take necessary steps to reduce data usage on WhatsApp. This is because data bundles is somewhat expensive in some certain countries.

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