nokia 7 plus android p beta bgr
nokia 7 plus android p beta bgr

Once you are ready to upgrade your Nokia Plus phone to Android beta, simply head over to Nokia’s website to validate your device. This is very crucial if you are interested in installing the Android Pie. Once you register for a Nokia account, you are ready to begin.

During registration make sure you enter your Nokia 7 Plus IMEI number. To do this on the website, just open the dialer and enter *#06#, the carrier your SIM card is registered to, and the country. Click on “Register” and your phone is validated and ready to install the Android Pie Beta.

First Steps

The easiest way to begin is to make sure you do an OTA update. To do this, you need to head over to the “Install over the air” section, click on the checkbox and click “Request OTA”. Wait for your device to receive the Beta 4 OTA build.

If you already requested the OTA and still don’t have one, you have to manually flash the beta build onto your device. To do so, install the Android SDK or use Minimal ADB and Fastboot if you are on Windows. Download those two above and also Android P Beta build from Nokia before you proceed.

Next, enable USB debugging from developer options. Go to “Settings” >> “System”>>”About Phone”>> and tap on build number seven times. Thereafter, enter your PIN or passcode to enable developer options.

Factory Reset and USB Debugging Nokia 7 Plus

Before you can install the Android Pie Beta, you’ll have to factory reset your Nokia 7 Plus. But there’s one step that comes before this, and that’s enabling USB debugging from the developer options. Head to Settings -> System -> About phone and tap on the build number seven times. Enter your PIN or passcode to enable developer options.

Once you go to the previous menu, “System” you’ll see developer options. Tap the menu, scroll down, and toggle “USB debugging” to enable it. That’s how you sideload the beta build.

Next Steps

  1. Power off your phone and connect it to your computer
  2. Press for 10 times the Power and Volume Up Keys
  3. When “Android One” shows up, release your hold
  4. Wait for “No Command” to show up
  5. Hold the power button and press the volume up key once. Recovery mode menu should show up.
  6. Select “Factory Reset” scroll down or up with volume buttons, then use the power button to click on your choice
  7. Press “Yes” to confirm factory reset

Now is the time for you to install the Android Pie Beta on your Nokia 7 Plus. Do it via ADB.

  1. When you’re in the recovery mode select “Apply update from ADB”
  2. Open the command prompt on your computer and navigate to the folder where downloaded the beta build
  3. Enter “ADB Devices”. Check for “Sideload” on the device screen
  4. Enter: adb sideload (take out B2N-3050-0-00WW-B01-update with the filename on your build)
  5. At this point installation progress bar should show
  6. Once bar complete, tap on “Reboot”

That’s it. Once your Nokia 7 Plus reboots, just set your phone from scratch like you often do after you do a phone reset, and you are on the way to start using Android Pie. With Android 9 Pie you can test new features and use more of the latest apps.

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