Have you ever wondered why virtually all the songs in your album happen to be duplicated? The reason is clearly that you download songs outside the iTunes store. If you would like to know you download something twice, you can possibly do that using iTunes.

How To Identify A Duplicate Item in iTune

To identify a duplicate item in iTunes, just carefully follow these proceedings guideline.

  • Firstly, Open up iTunes from the Dock or your applications folder.
  • From the file menu, in the menu bar, click “Library” by the right-hand side, you will see a drop-down arrow, click on it and then select “Show Duplicate Items.
  • List of items that have the same name and artist will manifest but have in mind that two songs having the same name but were sung by two different people won’t show up here. At times there will be some confusions, such as the album, length, and content might be different if that is the case don’t go deleting everything
  • However you never want to remove all the songs in the album, so the best thing to do is to hold down command and select multiple items by manually clicking on each of the songs you want to get rid of.
  • Once you have selected everything, you can right-click and choose “Delete from library” to remove the items you selected. At the top of the screen, you can also change the view mode to “Same Album,” which narrows it down much more and solves most of the issues with separate albums. Items in this list are mostly import issues so you can always remove most of the duplicates without many thoughts.

Guideline To Remove Duplicated Songs From iTunes.

If I should ask, is it possible to tress duplicate songs on the album that has like one thousand songs on it without much stress? The answer is “YES”. in this passage will help you see ways to remove duplicate songs from iTunes irrespective of how massive your songs are.

Step 1: Open iTunes and click on songs. Once you do that, the list of songs you have on your album will surface.

step 2: Click on “view” click on the drop-down tool and go to “show duplicate items”. That will give you a list of all the duplicate songs you have on your iTune.

step 3: Press your “CTRL” or “SHIFT” key to select multiple songs you want to delete, after you have selected all the duplicate songs. Right- click and go down, click on delete. Immediately you click on it, a dialog box appears asking you if you are sure you want to delete the selected songs from your iTunes library. Also that those songs will be deleted from your iPhone, iPad, that synchronizes with your iTunes library. Then you will see two options “delete songs” and “cancel”. Carefully click on delete songs if you want to delete those highlighted songs and once you have done that all those songs will be deleted straightway, but if you want to verify If you have removed those songs for real., click on “view” and go to “show all items” all the songs you have will show up here, search for the deleted ones, you will observe that they will be no were to be found. Indeed you have successfully removed duplex songs from iTunes

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