Remove Star Icon
Remove Star Icon

If your smartphone runs Android Lollipop OS, you must have noticed a star icon on the notification bar of your phone which appears on the right-hand side just before the network icon(s). Many people do not know what this star icon means and as such we will explain what this star icon means, what it is used for and finally how to deactivate it.

If the star icon is in the notification bar of your Android phone, then it means that you have activated the “Interruptions Mode“. This is a feature on most Android phones that run latest operating system. When the star icon appears on the notification bar, it means that phone won’t ring even if you keep it in default/general mode.

You can activate this feature and deactivate it as well manually if you do not like the star icon displaying on the notification bar of your smartphone by going to the phone’s settings which I am going to show below. This new “Priority” setting is activated with “Interruptions Mode.”

How to deactivate star symbol on Android Lollipop

Certain people have complained about the Interruptions Mode features on their smartphones, for that reason I have decided to put this article together to show you how to deactivate or hide the the star icon.

The following are easy steps to deactivate or hide the Interruptions Mode on phones running Android Lollipop.

  • Turn on your phone.
  • From the Home screen, go to the phone menu.
  • Go to the “Settings

  • Go to the “Sound and Notifications” section.
  • Click on “Interruptions“.

  • You will see where to activate and deactivate the Interruptions mode on the screen that comes up. To deactivate, select always interrupt.

After you have followed the instructions above, the star icon will be hidden and the “Interrupt Mode” will be disabled on the phone.

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