Resizing pictures in macOS is seamlessly done in the Preview app, but if your daily workflow needs you to scale pictures to a particular size for uploading to a blog, for instance, then using an image resize service is a much faster way to make things happen.

In this tutorial, we will highlight how you can use the Automator application to create an easy service that will help to resize images with a few clicks, without using an image editing application.

See below for how to get this done:

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How Can I Create A Resize Image Service In Automator?

  1. Open Automator from the Apps folder.
  2. Tap New Document.
  3. Select “Service” as the type of your document.
  4. Tap the “Service receives selected” dropdown menu and choose image files.
  5. Choose “Files and Folders” in the Actions sidebar, and drag “Get Specified Finder Items” to the workflow area.
  6.  Choose “Photos” in the Actions sidebar, and make sure the “Scale Images” is dragged to the workflow area.
  7. Automator will ask you to add a Copy Finder Items Action to save the original files in a different folder. We are focusing on a simple workflow of resizing images here, so tap “Don’t Add.”
  8. In the Scale Images action panel, enter the width that you wish to resize your images to. You can go for 1200 pixels.
  9.  In the Automator menu bar, choose “File” then “Save.” Name your new service “Resize Image,” and tap Save.

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The next time you wish to resize an image, just right-click (or Ctrl-click) the file in Finder and choose “Services” then “Resize Image” from the dropdown menu. A selection box can also be dragged over chosen images and have all of them resized at a time.

You can also assign a key shortcut to your image resize service to speed up the process. To get it done, open System Preferences, choose the “Keyboard” pane and tap the “Shortcuts” tab. Choose “Services” from the sidebar and you will see Resize Image close to the bottom of the list. Simply tap it, choose “Add Shortcut”, and then, type in your custom key combination.

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