There are many ideologies in regards to Instagram and its formation; some see Instagram as just a photo-sharing platform not knowing that Instagram has transformed from being a photo sharing platform to a full-fledged social network. Instagram has all the necessary social tool you need including built-in instant messaging, dedicated video service and more, etc.

Irrespective of all that, Instagram has failed to fix some common annoyance, thankfully people have developed a workaround to this Instagram annoying issues. In this article, we will deliberate on four Instagram annoying issues and how to resolve them.

Attaching Multiple Links In Your Bio

Do you notice that Instagram has a very firm policy against link, it was done in a way that you can only have access to a single link in your bio. Even the ones you placed in your captions won’t be clickable. Thankfully, to enable you to share multiple links to your followers enters “link bio”. Once the “link bio” profile is set up, you can add as many links as you want, not only that, you can even generate a common URL for them. Paste that address in your Instagram bio and once someone eventually clicks on the link, he or she will be redirected to your link.

Bio also gives you the privilege to attach images and description to individual entries if you would like to associate each of them to a specific post. There are other utilities that will be at an arm’s length, and you can just make use of the layout of the list, then write an extended bio for your link.

Sharing Others’ Post On Your Feed

One unique thing about Instagram is that it doesn’t offer sharing options unlike Facebook and Twitter but you can replicate the function using a third party app. The only thing required is to copy the post link and you can do that by tapping the three-dot menu present beside them and then paste it into the third party app. The ability to re-share videos and captions also comes with this service. Originally, they add a watermark for the original poster but if you want to remove it or reposition it, you are free.

Downloading Photos And Videos

To download photos and videos from Instagram you have to also rely on the third-party service. Although on the app store there are various options available, a much better alternative is a web app we call “Download Gram”

“Download gram” gives you access to instantly download pictures and videos not only from Instagram but also on IGTV. It exhibits a straight forward interface where the only thing you need is just to paste the link and click on the download button to get the file. “Download gram” doesn’t require much advertisement .it is a responsive feature you can use on your smartphone without any stress.

Reducing Data And Power Consumption

Is quite obvious that Instagram consumes a lot of data, in order words, it can be regarded as “data hug”. If you are not careful, you can drain your monthly salaries using Instagram.

To resolve this conundrum, we advice switching to Instagram lite. The rate of data consumption on Instagram lite is purely trimmed down, and it still offers the majority of the Instagram features, which involves the ability to upload stories as well as regular posts, the explore page, and more.

You can see Instagram lite on the web app but if you are using Android, is available on play store. In terms of power consumption, Instagram lite is a fraction size of the main Instagram app so it has to consume lesser power.

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