notifications on Xiaomi phones
notifications on Xiaomi phones

Did you ever miss notifications on your Mi or Redmi phone? It’s not your fault and you’re not the only one. The problems with notifications on Xiaomi phones are very common among Xiaomi users. We’re not just talking about notifications that don’t arrive on Xiaomi phones, but also about delays between when the notification is sent to you and when it arrives.

Sometimes these problems with notifications on Xiaomi phones are caused by the energy-saving function in MIUI, other times for other reasons. In this guide, we will explain how to solve all these problems.

1) How to solve problems with notifications on Xiaomi phones

  • First of all, to solve all the problems with Xiaomi phone notifications, open the security app from the main MIUI screen.
  • Now tap Permissions, then you’ll get a list of apps where you can select automatic start.
  • Well, enable the apps for which you always want to receive notifications immediately when they arrive.
  • This way these apps will never close and will continue to send notifications whenever they arrive.
  • But if these notifications come from the network, make sure you have your Internet connection enabled or you won’t receive them.

2) Resolve Xiaomi phone notification problems in the Settings app

If you still don’t receive notifications from your phone, then you have another thing to do. Xiaomi often automatically limits the app’s features to save battery power. Battery life is one of the most important things and the company knows it. For this reason, it has decided to implement an advanced and aggressive battery saving system and can cause problems with notifications: in most cases it does. 

  • To disable the battery saving function that causes missing notifications first, you need to go to the Settings app. 
  • Choose Battery, then tap Manage app consumption. 
  • Now tap Choose apps and here you can choose all the apps you want to receive notifications from. 
  • Select the app for which you want to remove the notification block, then tap No Limit to remove all restrictions on the app in question. 
  • You will have a “worse” battery life but you will never miss notifications.

3) Solve problems with notifications with Gmail

Sometimes, even following the previous steps, some users still have problems with the official Gmail app to check e-mails. Often emails are not synchronized due to a problem related only to this app, so you will have to follow another step which is the following. 

  • Go to Settings in the app, then choose Synchronize and enable Automatic Mail Synchronization. 
  • Finally, remove the checkmark on WiFi Only, so you will be able to receive notifications even with the data connection.

4) How to solve problems with notifications on Xiaomi phones with an app

An explicit name, very clear, is Notch Notifications for MIUI is an app that will allow us, precisely that, to receive notifications on Xiaomi phones. If you failed to solve the problem with the advice above, then read on below.

  • We need to install the application like any other application.
  • Once installed, we need to grant the application permissions.
  • Once you open it, what we need to do is customize the notch, it’s mandatory because the notch of each phone is different and we have to select the measures to fit yours.
  • Also as an extra, you can change the color and shape, but only in its pro version, and yes, like many other apps it has a paid version.
  • Although the free version is fully functional, you won’t have as many customization options as the paid ones.

With this application installed, notifications do not disappear within a few seconds of receipt but will disappear only after interacting with them, or discarding or opening them.

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