How to return app purchased in iOS App Store

How to return an app purchased in the iOS App Store:

Maybe you do not know, but if you have mistakenly purchased an application in the App Store for your iPhone or iPad, or if, after having purchased it, it does not work as expected or does not comply with what was promised, you can return it and recover the money you paid for it. The process is extremely simple and, as you will see below, it works perfectly.

Return an app and recover your money

  1. First, access this Apple web page and log in by entering your username and password (the same one you used to purchase the application).
  2. Find the application whose amount you want to recover and, next to it, click on Point.
  3. A menu with different options will appear, mark the one corresponding to Cancel purchase.
  4. Now press OK to confirm that you wish to request the return of the application.

Ready! Your purchase has already been canceled. On the screen, you will see the confirmation with an Apple message that says the following: "The purchase has been canceled. The amount will be refunded in your payment method within five to seven business days."

Despite this message, the truth is that in my experience, the refund of the amount paid was immediate. After returning the app, I received two emails in a row, as well as a PayPal notification informing me that I had received a refund.

Finally, you must know that to return an app you have a period of fourteen days from the date of purchase. On the other hand, the app will remain on your device, although you will not be able to update it unless you make a new purchase.

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