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We will be taking a step by step guide on how to best Revoke third party apps access to your Facebook data on your account.

The media is going crazy about the Facebook data breach that involves Cambridge analytical. Infact, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg will be testifying in front of a congressional panel in a couple of days.

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Revoke third party access

Hash tags like #DeleteFacebook and #BoycottFacebook are still trending and it appears a lot of people are getting on it. Although, The few people who are not getting on these hashtag would like to know how vulnerable they are. They would like to know who and who have access to their information.

And even most importantly how they can revoke third party apps from having access to their information. Apart from Facebook using your information to show you specific ads on their platform. Other third party apps you might have knowingly or unknowingly given access to your account might also have and be actively using your data.

Remember playing a game on your android or iphone and the app asks you to Log in to your Facebook account to save your progress ? Instead of just asking you to register ? Some apps might bring out the two options of either logging in via your Facebook account or registering by filling a quite lengthy form. Then having to verify your email and other stuffs.

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Some might see the email registering as a lot of work just to save a game progress and just go with the Facebook log in. While you are protected from those third-party apps hacking in to your account (As long you don’t input your Password). They get something else, access to your Facebook data.

Although you give your consent this while logging in. As stated in Facebook terms and conditions. This allows them use the data for research and targeted ads. Nothing bad or illegal. But still, it isn’t a bad idea to know these these third party apps and decide if we will like them to continue having access to our data or not.

How to Revoke Third Party Apps Access To Your Facebook Account

Follow these easy and simple steps below to revoke third-party apps Access to your Facebook account. This process can only be done on the desktop site of facebook. (Full Site)

  1. Log On to your Facebook.
  2. Click on the Down Arrow at the top right hand corner of the page.

  3. Select Settings

  4. Look for Apps and click it.

  5. All the apps the have access your Facebook data will show.

  6. Click on the X Close to it to remove it.

Congratulations, you have revoked that app from accessing your Facebook data. You can also do this to other apps you do not want having access to your account.

Note: Revoking an app access to your Facebook data doesn’t mean the data has been removed from the developer’s database. You will have to contact the developer of the particular app to full remove your data from their side.


I have a Facebook account of more than 5 years now and i recently checked my account to see the apps that have access to my data. Although, i personally granted those app permission at some point but i was shocked at the number of apps i saw there. Some apps, although some are not functioning still had access to my data.

I had to edit them and remove some app i was not comfortable with having access to my data anymore and leave those i currently use. I would advise you do the same. Or just take another look at those apps.

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