How to Save Photos and Videos from Instagram

Whether you’re looking for a way to save a copy of the photo you just edited in Instagram, or you want to save photos from some people or pages, download a photo on your mobile, and find how to do it a bit difficult.

Instagram has some useful features that make downloading your own photos and tagging photos of other users easy, but it prevents you from being able to download any images at the end as you would be saving a picture from a regular Web page or from Facebook, so we’ll give you Easy way to save pictures.

How To Save Images Using FastSaveHow to Save Photos and Videos from Instagram 1

The application we will give you today is a great and easy application use and you can use it as follows:

  1. Download the FastSave application on your phone.

2. We activate the application by activating the FastSave service

3. Click on the open Instagram icon that will convert you directly to your Instagram.

Download & Install Google Play Store App on Huawei Chinese Phones

4. Go to any picture we want to save on the phone and then click on three points at the top of the image, then click on copy link

How to Save Photos and Videos from Instagram 2

Then the app will download the image directly onto the gallery application in a folder named FastSave.

You can also see the images you have saved in the application by pressing my download.

Then your saved photo file is dashed after my saved.

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