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How To Seamlessly Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Your Mac Computer?

The comfort of Bluetooth is not just for your iOS and mobile devices. You can seamlessly connect your Bluetooth headphones to a Max computer too.

It is possible to connect Bluetooth headphones, keyboards, trackpads and so on to your Mac computer by adhering to the instructions below.

Bluetooth headphones allow you to sit far away from your display as you stream clips or stroll as you receive a conference call.

This is the way to connect and disconnect Bluetooth headphones from a Mac.

How Can I Connect Bluetooth Headphones To My Mac?

  1. Get into the System Preference application and choose Bluetooth.
  2.  The Bluetooth devices within range will be displayed. If your Mac discovers your headphones, they will be visible in the Bluetooth list. If you cannot find the item you intend to add, confirm that it is activated and in pairing mode. If the headphones are linked to your smartphone or any other thing, ensure they are unlinked before they can be connected to your Mac
  3. Choose the headphones you intend to connect.
  4. If you are connecting a Bluetooth headphone for the first time, you might need to accept or type in a passcode for it. After pairing for the first time, the connection would be automatic in subsequent tries.

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If you have no Bluetooth icon at the top of your display and you want to have it added, tap Bluetooth in System Preferences. A screen will be visible, scroll down and tick the box “Show Bluetooth in menu bar.”

As soon as that box is ticked, you will be able to connect a Bluetooth device straight from menu:

  1. Tap Bluetooth and choose the headphones you intend to pair to from the list shown to you.
  2. Another menu will be visible. Select Connect.
  3. Your connection is successful if the Bluetooth icon is grayed out and it possesses 3 black dots in front of it. If the low battery icon is what you see, tap to get the menu dropped down. You will then be shown the precise connected device that needs charging.

You will be able to connect various Bluetooth devices to your Mac at once. If you intend to connect 2 or more headphones, make use of the Audio Midi application. The app can be a accessed in your Application Utilities folder.

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How Can I Disconnect And Remove Bluetooth Headphones From A Mac?

To ensure your Bluetooth headphones are disconnected from your Mac, tap Bluetooth. Choose the headphones, after that, choose Disconnect. Disconnection can also be done from Bluetooth in System Preferences. Or you can just disable the headphones.

Removing headphones from your list of Bluetooth devices can also be of help here. To achieve this, access Bluetooth preferences. Tap the X close to headphones you intend to get rid off. A caveat will tell you that you cannot pair automatically anymore. Whenever you remove headphones and try to pair again, it will require you going through the pairing process one more time.


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