Original Jamb result will be released to the candidate after the Jamb result is out, Jamb releases the original Jamb result every year. The question is, why is it called an original jamb result? The word “Original” shows that there is an “Ordinary” one.

In that regards, if you don’t know the difference between this two, it can be possible that you will secure the “Ordinary Jamb Result” thinking that you have the “original Jamb result.” Remember, the original jamb result is only for those that sat for jamb.

So in this article, we will help you know the difference between the “Original Jamb Result“ and the “Ordinary Jamb Result,” and how to get both the original Jamb result and the ordinary Jamb result.

Difference Between Original Jamb Result And Ordinary Jamb Result

  1. Original Jamb result has the candidate passport attached to it whereas the ordinary Jamb result has no passport attached to it.
  2. Original Jamb result will be released to the candidate after payment of 1000 Naira is made whereas there is no payment in the ordinary Jamb result

  3. Original Jamb result has all the choices of university and polytechnics made by the candidate whereas ordinary Jamb result doesn’t have it.

  4. Original Jamb result has an in-built Jamb logo whereas the ordinary one does not.

  5. Original Jamb result can only be gotten from the person’s e-Facility account whereas the ordinary jamb result can be gotten on a normal Jamb website page

With these above guidelines, you can vividly differentiate the “Original Jamb Result” and the “Ordinary one”. Have in mind that once admission is given to the candidate, he ought to submit not the ordinary Jamb result, but the original Jamb result to the “Administrative Unit” for proper endorsement. Below are some steps required to get an “Ordinary jamb result” and steps required to get an “Original Jamb Result”.

Ordinary Jamb Result

Step 1: Firstly, go to https://jamb.org.ng/

Step 2: On the home page you, you will see various applications, select ”UTME Registration

Step 3: At UTME Registration select “Check UTME Result”, input your jamb registration number or your phone number to get the result.

Note: Right now, you can not check your 2019 UTME result, because the result is not yet out.

Original Jamb Result

  1. You are required to log in to your e-Facility account using your Jamb email address and password
  • Once you logged in, you will see a landing page where you will see all available services.

  • Click on Print Result Slip at the sidebar or on the Home page.

  • Once that is done, you will be required to make a payment of 1000 Naira, which you can do with either your debit card or at the bank

  • After the payment is made, click on “My Payment”, make sure the payment is approved by clicking “Get Status” at the right-hand side of the screen and click Continue.

  • Insert your Jamb registration number and the exam year to print the “Original Jamb Result

  • Note: Once this payment is made notification will be sent to your mail address for confirmation. So if you want to know if truly the payment was successful, kindly check your mailbox.

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