How To See 5G Phone Networks At Your Location?

5G data networks are the future for your mobile device, promising 2x to 10x quicker download speeds as the technology starts to get released across the globe.

But global 5G networks are still in their infant stage, and coverage fluctuates in this early stages.

A fresh global 5G coverage map from Ookla, developers of the application, offers a detailed look at the exact 5G networks that are live in a particular place from a particular network, and if that coverage is commercially available or restricted.

How To See 5G Phone Networks At Your Location? 1

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To utilize it:

  1. Head to
  2. Ensure the map is dragged to locate the nation you are interested in.
  3. Tap the bubble to view how many areas have 5G coverage, and the networks providing it.
  4. Make use of + control to zoom into the map and tap the bubble once more for additional information such as if there are various cities in a country with several active 5G networks. You might need to zoom in the more to locate particular locations in particular cities.
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How To See 5G Phone Networks At Your Location? 2

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For now, the map monitors 305 5G deployments and 20 wireless carriers, in two hundred and naira cities. Ookla revealed that it will update its monitoring map every week via verified public sources (such as a carrier announcement) and Ookla’s personal data, gotten from individuals that use the application in 5G coverage areas.

5G network fans can also follow the @Ookla5GMap account on Twitter for any updates they seek about the monitoring app.

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