Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger

There are many applications with which to freely communicate with your friends or relatives, so Facebook messages have been a bit ‘forgotten, but certainly are a viable alternative to communicate with someone who does not have the phone number or simply to make new friendships. Often, however, it is also important to understand if a contact is online on Messenger or not.

First of all, it should be known that the contacts you see online on Facebook Messenger are all those who at that precise moment have the app open, but also all those who are online on the blue social app of Mark Zuckerberg, either from the computer or from the official app.

The best ways to see if a contact is online are two, the same on both computers and devices with iOS and Android. One method is to take a look at the last access, while the other is to check the contacts that are active at that moment.

Active contact list

One of the best methods around to see when your contact is online on Facebook Messenger is to open the list of active contacts. Doing it is a breeze. Just open the Messenger app and go to the Active item in the top menu.

By doing so you will have an overview of all the contacts that are active at that time on Facebook.

You will see them with a small green dot in the lower part of their profile photo, a simple clue to make you understand that those contacts are active and can chat with you.

Last Access

Also on Messenger, you can see the last access as seen on Whatsapp. In fact, simply access the desired contact and check the writing that appears immediately under the name.

If the person you are looking for is active at that time, then the writing with active-now appears under the name, which means that at that time the contact is online or on Messenger or Facebook. In fact, even if people are not using chat at the time, they’re just checking the Facebook home, then they’ll appear online.

If the person is not online, then under his name there will be the writing active / a long time ago, which will give you precise info about how much time has passed since the last access on Facebook of that person.

To put this method into practice you must, therefore, access the chat of the contact you have chosen as if you wanted to send a simple message to search for it.

Final Judgment

So as seen seeing if a contact you want to look for is online on Messenger is not complicated, just follow the procedure above. Now you will be able to spy on it when you consider it as convenient as possible to all your Facebook contacts without worries.

If you have any doubts about following the guide or simply asking questions please email us in the comments box.

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