We cannot deny living in the world of social networks. That’s why we like Instagram so much, not just because it’s a social network where we can see beautiful photographs, but also because it’s the only place where one can appear for what is not in reality.

However, all these people who used Instagram to increase their ego suffered a blow when the Facebook-owned social network decided to hide the “Like” number. Don’t worry, because this is the Internet and someone has thought well of bypassing this wall erected to defend users by Instagram.

This Google Chrome extension lets you see likes on Instagram

The The Return of the Likes (Return of Likes), as it is called affectionately this extension allows you to see again the number of likes on Instagram. In this way, we can see both the publications of our contacts and the total number of likes.

Although this extension was not very well received by much of the community, Instagram’s intention with this policy was to make users aware that quality content is more important than receiving the maximum possible number of likes, something that By the way, it is also being tested with the social network Facebook.

Unfortunately, this extension will not allow us to see the “likes” in the application of our mobile phone, but only on the computer. Furthermore and for those who are suspicious of their privacy, the developer confirms that no information of ours is sent to their servers, so in principle we can say that the extension respects our privacy.

In short, if you are one of those that misses the number of likes on Instagram and you miss the competition with your friends to see who is the one who publishes the photos with the most likes, this extension is your best ally. But it only works on PC.

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