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How to Sell Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution

Selling Dinosaurs in Jurassic World is an excellent alternative to just killing them off. I have experienced different cases of my dinosaurs escaping, so I simply decide to fix the problem by selling them. You can also raise some cash in the process.
Certain contracts will require you to sell certain types of dinosaurs from your park. However, it is not really explained in depth just how to do that.

In this post, we will show you how to sell you dinosaurs (anyone you want!).

How to Sell Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution

A dinosaur needs to be sedated with a tranquilizer before it can be sold. You can tranquilize dinosaurs using the helicopter provided by the ACU center. All you need to do is set a new task and set it to any dinosaur you want (the one you wish to sell).

Sedate the dinosaur you want to sell

Next up, you will need to contact a transport helicopter. This can also be done in the ACU Centre. See the below image to understand better. Contact a transport helicopter and then ask it to pick up the dinosaur you want to sell.

Call out a transport team to pick up the dinosaur

Now that you have the dinosaur hoisted below the helicopter, press R on your keyboard to sell the dinosaur. You should do this before you pick a drop off destination for the dinosaur. Unfortunately, I do not know the corresponding key of R on the PS4 or Xbox One Controller or key used to sell a dinosaur just yet. However, it should be displayed at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Now, you can check how much the dinosaur will be sold, and you can also change your mind and decide not to sell it if you want to.

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