If you are finding it really tough to dazzle a girl you like, we all did, some of us are even battling this right now, so we are in it together.

Most guys find it difficult to come up with the right SMS to send to someone they have strong feelings for. This is why i came up with this tutorial on how to text a babe you like.

If you have her phone number, you are halfway there. All you have to do next is make her return those feelings and then begin to feel like Superman. Simple right?

The Restriction Of Text

SMS is natural but there are restrictions involved. You must be precise about your meaning when you send an SMS since you cannot read expressions or transport meaning with a look. Precise communication is key, especially when you are just getting to know her. Misconceptions can happen easily and that can be hard to rectify.

Be grateful for the restriction of SMS anytime you are texting a girl you like. Ensure your meaning is precise and give how she will read it without really knowing who you are or being in your presence a thought. If the meaning is uncomplicated, tap Send. If it is unclear, ensure it is rephrased until that happens.

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Edit, Check, Send

Make sure the text is read before sending. Then read it again, edit it if you have to, check it once more and after all this, tap send. The girl in question will not like to see a spelling error, it automatically ruins your text. Staying away from these errors is a big plus.

After that, adhere to these instructions when you SMS the girl you like:

1. Timing

Everyone is busy these days and our spare time is really minimal. Timing is key if you want her to receive it well and even respond. Send her an SMS when she is chilling with her girlfriends and she might not be able to respond for a long time, i am sure you will not like that.

When its evening or late into the night is a great time to send a message to a girl. If you aware that she wakes up early every morning due to one reason or the other, ensure your message is not sent too late. Also, an evening SMS can lead to a lengthy with you both chilling on the bed and that is just beautiful.

Timing also entails the time between responses. If she does not respond until after twenty minutes and you reply immediately, that might portray you as desperate. Until there is a sort of familiarity in play, just calm down. The normal regulation is to respond the same amount of time she does. So if she responds in 15 minutes, take 15 minutes as well. As the conversation continues, the delay will be a thing of the past gradually.

2. Crack Her Up

Psychology tells us that we like people that amuse us. Stay away from this if you are not naturally funny, but if you are, be yourself. Crack jokes, tease her and just keep making her laugh or smile. Know her as much as you can though so you will realize when to stop. Avoid senseless one liners and annoying sarcasm.

3. Be Positive

Your first set of messages should be cheerful and positive. Don’t keep repeating how terrible your day went. This is a girl you like you are trying to build something with and not a platform to rant and complain. Remain positive and be the person she wants to communicate with all the time.

4. Get To Know Her With Games

Lots of people fancy games and there are several of them you can play over text. If these games simultaneously aid you to know her the more, amazing. Some popular ones are guess the answer, kiss, marry avoid, 20 questions, truth or dare, trivia challenge and would you rather.

Seize the opportunity they bring, interact with her and know all you should. These games also expose your fun side as well, which she wants to see, trust me.

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5. Use Mirroring

Mirroring is a great way to build relationships in several businesses. As for this article, i am talking about mirroring her SMS length, usage of emojis, texting time, tone of texts and her behavior in general. If she sends an SMS late at night all the time, do that too. If she keeps her SMS short and simple, do likewise. If she fancies longer texts, fancy it too. If she likes emojis, do same.

Mirroring is so subconscious that few people notice that it is a remarkable way to build a relationship.

Try it and you will testify.

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