How To Send And Receive Texts On A PC Without A Phone?


Sending text messages is now the most rampant way to chat with friends, fellow employees, loved ones and even relatives. I personally will not mind sending a text rather than dialling a phone number and I suspect other phone users have this preference as well.

However, sending texts as a way to communicate comes with its disadvantages too. Before anything, a texting plan is required, which can be costly. Then we have the little screen and the virtual keyboard which makes you think about how much easier things can be if you could send these SMSes on a giant monitor and a real keyboard. Well, I bring good news. It is possible. And a normal keyboard is actually more convenient than the one on a mobile device when it comes to typing out texts.

In this tutorial, I will highlight how you can send and receive texts on your Personal Computer or Mac without needing a phone.

There are several text messaging applications for your Computer and Macs, but for this post, I will concentrate on only 3, which are very popular and useful. These 3 include Pinger Textfree Web, Pushbullet and MightyText.

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How Can I Send Or Receive Text Messages Using Pinger Textfree Web?

Pinger Textfree Web is a clean site that gives you an online phone number at no cost, plus a email address you can make use of.

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The account can be used to send or receive SMSes as you please. When registering, a phone number is required for the validation of your account. When that is done, you can start. Because it is a web service, it can be used for any Personal Computer, or a tab or mobile device.

The Pinger Textfree Web’s UI is easy to use too. Your phone number will be visible to the left and tapping it will reveal the SMS window. Enter your message and the person you are sending it to i.e the recipient and tap send.

It is all seamless when you tap send. The SMSes will be sent asap. The service will monitor your message threads the same way a text messaging application on your smartphone would. But you must be aware that the SMSes are saved on the Pinger servers, and there will be no local storage. Therefore if there is an issue with your Internet connectivity, having access to your message history will be difficult.

How Can I Send Or Receive Text Messages Using Pushbullet?

Pushbullet functions in an identical manner but it will need you to download an app on your PC. This is great if you are indoors, but not so nice if you are locked out of an office PC. If you are at the office, a browser extension can be used. Installation of the Pushbullet application on your mobile device will also be required to sync the two.

Get the application installed and get yourself signed in with a Google or Facebook account on the two instances of Pushbullet. Then, you can choose "SMS" from the menu, compose your text, include whoever you want to receive the text and send it. Texts coming in will bring about a Windows notification and you will be able to respond directly or via the Pushbullet application. The app will even aid the integration with Cortana.

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Pushbullet functions rapidly and efficiently. But the installations required might be discouraging for whoever is at an office.

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How Can I Send Or Receive Text Messages Using MightyText?

MightyText also needs the installation of a browser extension and mobile application but it is decent enough to get the job done.

It functions only with Android devices as well, which is a restriction on its own. But apart from that, the application supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. It is effective on desktops, mobiles and tabs. Plus, its user interface is simple to work with.

As soon as the installation is complete, get yourself signed in with your Google account and a little "MightyText" will be visible in the browser window. You will even be directed to an authorization page that will let Google access MightyText. When you are through with that, you will be sent back to your browser and you can make use of the SMS application how you please.

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