Instagram is supposed to be enjoyed on your mobile device, and your smartphones, it is amazing. Users are allowed to post images and clips, locate fresh artists and photographers to follow, and even send a DM to their friends.

However, the desktop version of Instagram, that is, the Instagram version you access via the internet browser on your desktop PC or laptop, is quite limited. You will still be able to see posts from those you follow, locate new users to follow, but you are not allowed to post anything or send any DM.

Yes, these things cannot be done by default, but we can help you with a way to send DM on Instagram from your PC. If you use Safari or Google Chrome, you will just have to access the developer menu. Let expatiate on How To Send DMs On Instagram From A Computer With Safari Or Google Chrome?:

How Can I Send DMs On Instagram From A Computer?

Change Your Internet Browser To Function Like A Phone

If you want to send Instagram direct messages from your computer, you can configure your internet browser to resemble a smartphone screen.

For Mac and Safari users:

  • Head to and get yourself logged into your account.
  • Tap “Safari” in the menu bar way up on your screen.
  • Choose “Preferences,” and then head to “Advanced” at the end.

DM Instagram Computer Safari

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  • Way down on the Advanced menu, tick “Show Develop menu in menu bar.” As soon as it is ticked, close the Preferences menu.

DM Instagram Computer Safari

  • Tap “Develop” in the menu bar.
  • Roll over “User Agent,” in the menu that will be visible, choose the option with “iPhone” at the end. You will see only one of that, close to the top of the menu.


DM Instagram Computer Safari

This will alter the look of Safari to replicate the browser of an iPhone.

For Computer users that use Google Chrome:

  1. Once more, get yourself logged into
  2. Right-tap wherever on the screen, and choose “Inspect.”
  3. A big window will be visible on the right side of the display, showing several codes. Way up on this menu, tap the small icon that resembles a phone in front of a tab, to make it turn blue. It is the “Toggle Device Toolbar” button. In the little toolbar that will now be visible way up on the Instagram page, ensure the leftmost word is “Responsive.”
  4. Get the page refreshed.
  5. As soon as it is refreshed, you can exit the Inspect window – just tap the X at its top-right corner.

Same with Safari this will alter your Chrome browser so it resembles an iPhone screen.

Access The Instagram DM Menu

As soon as your browser is configured, the DM shortcut will be visible in the upper-right corner of the Instagram home screen – it resembles a paper airplane.

DM Instagram Computer Safari

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Same with the mobile version, you can read and respond to your previous messages, attach photos, or begin a fresh conversation by tapping “Compose” at the top-right of the DM screen.

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