WhatsApp 1 750x400
WhatsApp 1 750x400

It is possible that at some time, whether for personal or professional reasons, you wanted to send a WhatsApp conversation by mail and you did not know how to get it. We will explain the steps to carry out this process in a simple way.

Obviously, to achieve what we have indicated, it is necessary to perform a manual process because you will not automatically be able to do it (we are always talking about the WhatsApp Drive backup, which will shortly occupy space in the storage service in the cloud). The case is that the messaging application itself includes everything necessary to take the steps and send the content of a specific conversation to an email address.

Of course, to take advantage of this possibility and send a conversation WhatsApp by mail, you need that the version of your operating system is the sixth (Marshmallow) or more current Google development. Otherwise, in the different menus that appear you will not find the necessary options.

Steps to send a WhatsApp conversation by mail

Below, we list what you have to do to mail a backup of a chat. Doing this has no danger since neither the content on the device is erased nor the stability of the messaging application put at risk. Therefore, the processes indicated are completely innocuous :

  • Run the WhatsApp application on your device
  • Now access the Settings using the icon with three points at the top right of the application.
  • Select the Chats option and then click on the section called Chat history to send a WhatsApp conversation by mail
  • You will see four options on the screen that appears, you must choose the one called Export chat and select the conversation in question. A message appears where you can decide if you want to include multimedia files or not
  • Choose the email client you will use to send a WhatsApp conversation by mail (as you can see, there are other options that can be used to complete the process)
  • Now the application takes a while to compact everything and attach it to the mail. This depends on the amount of data that has to be handled
  • Once finished, you simply send the message and you will have finished

As you can see it is very easy to send a WhatsApp conversation by mail and, in addition, the process has no risk whatsoever and can be completed directly from the smartphone on which the messaging application is used.

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